Vidya Bhushan

Vidya Bhushan,


“Best doctor for a reason because he gives the best treatment for skin issues..”

Shambhavi Chandan

Shambhavi Chandan,


“Dr Rajeev is best doctor for every kind of skin issues and hairfall problems....”

Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar,


“Dr Rajeev is very best for Asthmaa Treatment...”

Laxmi Mahato

Laxmi Mahato,


“Dr Rajeev Sir is very nice doctor...I am taking a treatment of tooth ache and The doctor has given me the best medicine ...Now I am totally fine Thank you sir... ”

Priyanka Dey

Priyanka Dey,


“Dr Rajeev is very nice doctor His treatment is very nice ... Specially the medicine is so Good it is suiting me very nicely....The problem of Filariasis has been fine totally .Thanku Dr Rajeev You are very great ....”

Shadab Jamil

Shadab Jamil,


“Best Doctor of Homeopathy ...He gives the best treatment of Migrain , Skin Issues and Thyroid..”

Manisha Das

Manisha Das,


“2 years ago Dr Rajeev is Best Doctor of Homeopathy Department...His medicine is so good nd suitable... Best treatment of Cyst is given here in Ranchi Clinic of Homeopathy...”

Aakash Bhatiya

Aakash Bhatiya,


“Best doctor in Jharkhand , treatment is so Good of kidney problems..”

Nushrat Nizam

Nushrat Nizam,


“Best Doctor In India...Dr Rajeev is Very Genuine person..The medicines are so good and affordable ... He is the Best Homeopathetic doctor ....The treatment are so good here.”

Mohsin Ahmad

Mohsin Ahmad,


“The best doctor and alot experienced in Ranchi . I am sharing my reviews on Dr Rajeev homeopathy. I am suffering since 1 year and after going for allopathy which don’t have any treatment I came for dr Rajeev. After 3 months i got my reports again and I haves so much positive result. My family members are also happy . I am currently under his treatment. Thanky dr rajeev.”

Satya sapna Khakha

Satya sapna Khakha,


“I m very much thankful with the treatment of Dr.Rajeev Kumar,bhms,ranchi as I m suffering from muscular atrophy from last 1year due to which I m unable to lift my hand up n down but after taking his treatment I m almost better now.Thankyou so much sir”

suman kujur

suman kujur,


“First of all I would want to thanks Dr.Rajeev sir Abhi homoeclinic Ranchi as his treatment provide me relief from eczema on my both palm n sole in which there is severe ithing n burning from past 2 year.My Ige level is 784 which is very high but after comung under hiz treatment it reduced n now my eczema problem is also recovered.Thankyou sir.Best clinic For skin Disease”




“Best treatment for gallbladder stone thank u doctor”

Sagar Sahis

Sagar Sahis,


“Best treatment for skin allergy Dr Rajeev clinic skin allergy ki problem thi mujhe treatment Mera chal hi Raha hai 70% skin ki problem theek ho chuki hai thank u doctor”

Vikram Gupta

Vikram Gupta,


“Mujhe piles ki problem thi maine homoeopathy ilaaj Karwaya doctor Rajiv clinic mein vakai mein abhi kafi achcha hun thank you doctor sahab”