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She care with Homoeopathy is an invaluable resource for any woman looking to take her health and wellbeing into her own hands.

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  • Author : Dr. Rajeev Kumar
  • Pages : 21
  • Format : Paperback
  • Language : Hindi
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Women play an essential role in the family, both as mothers and as caregivers. They offer emotional, physical, and financial support to their families and provide stability and security to the household. They are often the glue that holds their family together, and they frequently serve as confidantes and role models for their children. Homeopathy offers a lot to make these transitions smooth and stress-free.

What makes this book unique among other books written on topics such as gynaecology and homeopathy? What value does it provide to its readers?

This book provides an in-depth look at how homeopathy can be used to improve women's health. Written by Dr. Rajeev Kumar, a renowned expert in the field, this comprehensive guide offers insight into the potential benefits of homeopathy for a variety of women's health issues, such as reproductive health, menopause, and mental health.

From understanding homeopathy and its origins to learning how to create personalized homeopathic treatments, Dr. Rajeev Kumar discusses the many aspects of this ancient science and its potential for healing. Through case studies, visuals, and references, readers will have a thorough understanding of how homeopathy works and how it can improve overall health.

This groundbreaking book also explores how homeopathy can help to overcome many of the physical and mental challenges that women face, including infertility, PMS, cancer, anxiety and depression.

With detailed insights into this safe and gentle form of healthcare, Dr. Rajeev's SHE CARE WITH HOMEOPATHY provides a guide to improving overall wellbeing through the knowledge of homeopathy.

Launch by - Shri Hemant Soren - Chief Minister of Jharkhand


Author: Dr. Rajeev Kumar (B.H.M.S, M.D, Reg. 01)

Dr. Rajeev Kumar is not the one who belives in building castles in the air. His dreams were restricted but with his tremendous courage of conviction coupled with an innovative streak, he has translated those restricted dreams into reality. Meet Dr. Rajeev Kumar, the reputed Homoeopath of Ranchi, who needs no introduction for the city dwellers.

  • President - Jharkhand Homeopathic Druggist & Chemist Association
  • Secretary - Homeopathic Medical Association of India
  • Member of Health Committee Red Cross Society
  • Member of State Covid Control Room of Jharkhand Government
  • Member of Jharkhand State Council for child Welfare
  • Member of Arogya Bharati Jharkhand

Father of Homoeopathy

"The highest ideal of CURE is the SPEEDY, GENTLE, and ENDURING Restoration of health by the most TRUSTWORTHY and LEAST HARMFUL way."
- Samuel Hahnemann


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