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    "Homoeopathy is a
    Progressive and Aggressive
    Step in Medicine"

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    "Homoeopathy is
    Supposed to work Miracles"

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    "Homoeopathy is One of the
    Rare Medical Approaches which
    Carries no Penalties Only Benefits"

You can trust Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world.

Extremely Effective

Homoeopathy is extremely effective. When the correct remedy is taken,... Read More

Completely Safe

Homoeopathy is completely safe. Even babies and pregnant women can use... Read More

Homoeopathy is Natural

Homoeopathy is natural. Homeopathic remedies are normally based on natural ingredients. Read More

Homoeopathy is Holistic

It treats all the symptoms as one, which in practical terms means that it addresses... Read More

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Dr C.F. Samuel Hahneman

Founder of Homoeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann was the founder of Homoeopathy. He established the fundamental principles of the science and art of Homoeopathy.

He is called the Father of Experimental Pharmacology because he was the first physician to prepare medicines in a specialized way; proving them on healthy human beings, to determine how the medicines acted to cure diseases. Before Hahnemann, medicines were given on speculative indications, mainly on the basis of authority without experimental verification.

Hahnemann discovered the remedial powers of drugs and inert substances such as gold, platinum, silica, vegetable charcoal, lycopodium, etc. By preparing the medicines through potentization, these inert and insoluble substances became soluble in alcohol or water and were charged with medicinal force.

Dr. Hahnemann espoused the law of cure known as "Similia Similibus Curentur", or "Like Cures Like". This means that a remedy that produces symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms when manifested by a person in a diseased state. This law of cure has been verified by millions of homoeopaths all over the world since the time of Hahnemann.

Hahnemann discovered the primary and secondary actions of remedies. The primary action results from the first encounter between the vital force and the external agent, and the secondary action is a result of the vital force's reaction to the symptoms of that primary encounter. This discovery led him to the curative powers of poisonous substances.

Dr. Hahnemann described the different aspects of 'acute' and 'chronic' diseases. Acute diseases are transitory; they have a beginning and an end, whereas the chronic diseases are co-existent with life. Either they are present in a manifest or a latent state. From this work came the chronic miasms of Psora, Syphilis, and Sycosis.

Dr. Hahnemann was the progenitor of several modern medical approaches. Deeming the treatment of insane patients to be cruel and harmful, he advised a humane treatment for the insane. He cured many insane patients with homeopathy, and became famous for this success.

Dr. Hahnemann was quick to recognize poor hygiene as a contributory cause to the spread of disease. His success with cholera and typhoid fever was in part due to this recognition. Hahnemann also emphasized the importance of nursing, diet, bed rest, and isolation of patients during epidemic diseases. Hahnemann described 'Noxious' principles as the precursors of certain disease states.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Best way to avail treatment through the internet with out having to visit the doctor's clinic personally is termed as Online treatment. The communication between the Doctor and the patient is completed through various mediums like E-mail, Telephones, Chat, and Video conferencing. And the medicines reach your doorstep with out any hassle. Online treatment breaks the time, space and language barrier.

Yes in the current scenario Online payment is very safe and secured. We at use Verisign certified secure payment gateway. On transactions here are secure and confidential.

We receive an alert as soon as any new case, follow up, or any updation is submitted by any patient; hence there is no gap between the submission of the case by you and its receipt by us. However, it may take about 2- 3 working days to process the case details and finalize your medicines.

Your data will be 100% confidential with us. Nobody will have access to any of your information except you. Only you can add/edit your case pages. So there is direct relationship between patient and physician here and it is 100% confidential.

To receive medicines there are TWO options:

  • a) We can courier the medicine to you at your doorstep.
  • b) We can give a prescription and you can buy medicine from a local pharmacy.
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