Myths And Facts

myths and facts
myths and facts

Myths and Facts About Homoeopathy

Being the second largest system practised all over the world still there are many misconceptions about homoeopathy prevails. Most of the time criticisms about the system made by non homoeopathic and non medical people. Even among the non homoeopathic medical brethren homoeopathy is misunderstood or it is not taken to that level of understanding.

Awareness about homoeopathy is restricted only to the beneficiaries of it. so as a qualified practising homoeopath I felt it is my duty to clarify the common myths which prevailing in the society about homoeopathy up to best of my knowledge.

1. Myth: Homoeopathy is a slow system it takes long time to cure or relieve the diseases

Fact: Homoeopathy is not a slow system but cure and relief depends upon at what stage the patient approaching for homoeopathy treatment is important. In case of chronic diseases with suppressions will take a course of time. Earlier the approach and faster the relief is the rule.

2. Myth: Homoeopathy is only for chronic ailment not effective in acute diseases

Fact: Except few medical emergencies which requires immediate hospitalization and speciality care, homoeopathy can treat acute cases like fever, cold,vomiting ,diarrhea etc effectively with instant relief.

3. Myth: Homoeopathy medicines are placebos

Fact:Homoeopathy medicines undergoes a process called potentisation in which ultra dilution prepared with dynamic conversion of crude drug substances .most of the time controversy comes about the ultra dilution beyond avogadros number, but those dilutions clinically proven on human beings.

4. Myth:Homoeopathy medicines contains steroids and heavy metals

Fact:In homoeopathy there is no place for steroids..since all the source materials undergo process of potentisation and trituration there won’t even trace of crud metal elements in it. Homoeopathic pharmacies have strict standardization and quality control systems before delivering medicines to the consumer.

5.Myth:Homoeopathy can’t be used with other conventional medicines.

Fact:Around 60% of patients who approaches homoeopathy will be already taking some or other medicines for different ailments like Diabetes,Hypertension,IHD;so it is not a constraint to use conventional medicines along with homoepathy. If really there is some interactions homoeopathy doctor will give the instruction how well the time should be given between both medicines.

6.Myth:Homoeopathy always aggravate the disease condition when start taking it.

Fact: In any chronic disease the selection of remedies will be based on the disease condition and the susceptibility of the patient .so unwanted aggravations will be avoided. In some cases where the patient approaches homoeopathy after some suppressive treatments homoeopathy medicines will bring them to the surface before curing it. It is called Homoeopathic aggravation which will disappear in the course of treatment.

7. Myth:Homoeopathy is alternative for surgical conditions.

Fact: Homoeopathy is not always alternative for surgical conditions. We have our own scope and limitations in treating the surgical conditions.Surgical conditions will be treated by surgery only.

8. Myth: self medication in homoeopathy in harmless.

Fact: Very wrong idea. Each and every homoeopathy drugs has its wide range of action and application. so just knowing few drugs by its name without knowing its pharmacology will cause unwanted side effects in long duration.So it is always wise to consult a homoeopathy doctor to start with a treatment.

9.Myth:Homoeopathy doesn't require any diagnosis and investigation in treating diseases.

Fact:Like other systems homoeopathy also requires proper diagnosis and investigations if needed in a particular case.

10.Myth:Too many restrictions in food and liffestyle habits while taking homoeopathy treatment.

Fact:Restrictions always comes as general manangement to particular disease condition.Eg.Avoiding sweets in diabetes and avoiding oily and fried food in patients having high cholestrol levels.Avoiding strong cofee and strong smelling balms,,smoking immediately after taking medicines will help faster action of homoeopathy medicines.