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Frequently Asked Questions

The Best way to avail treatment through the internet with out having to visit the doctor's clinic personally is termed as Online treatment. The communication between the Doctor and the patient is completed through various mediums like E-mail, Telephones, Chat, and Video conferencing. And the medicines reach your doorstep with out any hassle. Online treatment breaks the time, space and language barrier.

  • Best way you can avail the services of a Physician of your choice even if he is situated across the globe.
  • There is no time constraint; you can complete the case record at a time convenient to you. It gives you enough time to answer all the questions.
  • It gives enough time to explain in detail about your symptoms.
  • You do not have to wait in long queues at the clinic.
  • 100% confidentiality is maintained.
  • You do not have to take leave from the office to visit the clinic; you can visit the site at a time convenient to you. You can have best of the treatment sitting in your comfortable atmosphere.
  • Major breakthrough in the language barrier: You can communicate in many international languages.
  • If required, direct communication can also be established with us. You can call the clinic at a prearranged time; we can chat online or communicate via video conferencing.
  • You also have the option of uploading your case in an audio format.
  • No tension of missing and rescheduling appointments.
  • Treatments available for all Acute and Chronic Ailments at a very affordable Fees.

Yes in the current scenario Online payment is very safe and secured. We at use Verisign certified secure payment gateway. On transactions here are secure and confidential.

We receive an alert as soon as any new case, follow up, or any updation is submitted by any patient; hence there is no gap between the submission of the case by you and its receipt by us. However, it may take about 2- 3 working days to process the case details and finalize your medicines.

Your data will be 100% confidential with us. Nobody will have access to any of your information except you. Only you can add/edit your case pages. So there is direct relationship between patient and physician here and it is 100% confidential.

To receive medicines there are TWO options:

  • a) We can courier the medicine to you at your doorstep.
  • b) We can give a prescription and you can buy medicine from a local pharmacy.
  • c) You can buy medicine from and our website

After a completed case record is submitted, the medicine is dispatched within 2 working days. On an average, globally it takes around 12 to 15 working days for the medicines to reach you. In case you do not receive the medicines within 15 to 18 days of giving the case, kindly contact us.

Normally these medicines do not lose their efficacy unless they are exposed to direct sunlight or strong odors for a prolonged period.

As the clinic is online you can get in touch with us from any part of the world, it really doesn't matter where you stay and where you work. However you will have to inform us about the change of address, and update the contact details if the medicines are to be dispatched to the new location.

Our privacy policy does not permit us to share the patient details. And most of the patients would like to keep their disease details confidential so we may not be able to give their contact information to you. However, you can refer the section of success stories, which will give you a fair idea of the efficacy of homeopathic medicines.

Once you discontinue the treatment, a proper back-up of your case is stored with us. In case if you have any problem in future, you can get back to us and avail of the treatment again. If you report after long duration of time, kindly resubmit your history.

Yes definitely, if you have benefited you may recommend our site or your physician to your friends. Let the healthy feeling spread all over the world.