What are the Causes of Dryness of skin?

What are the Causes of Dryness of skin?

  • BY Dr. Rajeev's Clinic
  • 24-Apr-2022

Dry Skin is common and can affect anyone at any age.The  medical term for dry skin is XEROSIS.

Deficiency causes by dry skin-

  • Vitamin B Deficiency can wreak have on your skin ,causing acne ,rashes ,dry an flaky skin ,cracked lips,and wrinles .It can also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight  ,personl carte products.

Causes of Dry Skin-

  • Bathing too often or too long.
  • Some soaps and detergents.
  • Skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis.
  • The climaic factors .
  • Too much scrubbing your skin.

Symptom of  Dryness of skin-

  • A feeling  of skin tightness.
  • Skin that feels and looks rough.
  • Fine lines orcracks.
  • Itchiness.
  • Slight to severe scalingor peeling.

Prevention from dry skin-

  • Gently wash you face at least twice a day.
  • Moisturze.
  • Use warm water and limit bath time.
  • Use a Humidifier.
  • Chooe fabrics that are kind to your skin.

Homoeopathy Medicine for Dryness of skin-

  • Mezereum .
  • Rhustox.
  • Natrum  Muricatum.
  • Sulphur.
  • Aresenicum.