• BY Dr. Rajeev's Clinic
  • 26-Apr-2022

Piles can be described as masses or clumps [cushion] of tissue within the anal canal that contain blood vessels andthe surrounding,supporting tisue (haemorrhoidal cuhions).

                       HAEMORRHOIDES- Haima=Blood

                                                       Roos= Flowing

                                               Piles- Pila =Ball

Types of Piles-

  • External -varitey is covered by skin .
  • Internal-internal  variety is covered by mucous membrane when both are present together called intero -external haemorrhoids.

Causes Of Haemorrhoids-

  • Advanced Age.
  • Heavy Lifting.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Pregnancy and chilbirth.
  • Prolonged sitting.
  • Constipation and Strainning.
  • Chronic contipation.
  • Anal sex.

Symptoms of Haemorrhoids-

  • Rectal bleeding.
  • Anal Pain.
  • Difficulty Cleaning after a bowel movement.
  • Soiling of Underwear.
  • Bulging From Rectum.
  • Anal Pain.
  • Burning.

Prevention from Piles-

  • Eat high fiber foods.
  • Drink Plenty Of Fluids.
  • Go as  soon as yo feel the urge.
  • Exercise.
  • Avid Long Perios of sitting.
  • Avoid Eating to much spicy food.

Diagnois of Piles-

  • Rectal exam.
  • Anoscopy.
  • Colonoscopy.

Homoeopathic medicine for piles-

  • Aloe soc.
  •  Aesculs hipoocastanum.
  • Nux vomica.
  • Pulsatilla.
  • Sulphur.
  • Calcarea fluorica.
  • Hamamelis Virginiana.