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Myth and Fact about Homoeopathy?

Myth and Fact about Homoeopathy?

It is medical science introduced by German scientit Dr. Samuel Hahneman in year 1794.It is a scientifi System Of medicine based on certain fixed laws and Principales.

Homoeopathy is a sytem of naturalmdiine ,usedbymillions o people  woprldwide for more than 200 yrs to achieve wellness.

Principles of Homoeopathy-

  • The FIrst Principle Of homoeopathy is SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTURE,"LIKE CURES LIKE".
  • The second principl of homoopathy is the SINGE REMDY.
  • The Third Principle of Homoeopathy is he MINIMUM DOSE.
  • The fourth Principl of homoeopath is the POTENTIZED REMEDY.



  •  Improve All organs and system  in functioniong and efficiency.
  • Homoeopathy works on mental physical and Emotional level.
  • Sense of well being.
  • Homoeopathy is a method of treatment based on laws and principales ,whih are concluded from experimantal data.
  • Not really Surgery is a part of interestingl ,some fthe surgical disease (life piles,fissure,tonsilitis,etc)
  • No system Can cure the  cue all the disease.
  • Conventionl medicines nd homoeopthic medicines can safely be takentogether ,with  advantage ,wiothout any harm.
  • Homoeopathy takes care of everything.
  • Sugar pills are not the medicnes .Medicines in the form of potentised dilutions are added to the pills which act as a vehicle.
  • Only in Som Cases,time intervals are advised.


Myth about Homoopathy-

  • Homoeopathy is slow to act.
  • All medicines in homoeopathy are the same.
  • Homoeopathic canno be given to breat feeding mother.
  • Homoeopathy medicine cannot be taken with the conventional (Allopathic )Medicnes.
  • Homoeopathy gives same sugar pills to the paients.
  • One Can`t use Homoeopathy along with conventional medicines.