• BY Dr. Rajeev's Clinic
  • 31-Jan-2023

Lichen urticatus is considered to be a hypersensitivity reaction to bites of insects, where injection of foreign protein by insec homoepathyt bite on skin causes IgE-mediated reaction consisting best homoepathy of wheals in predisposed homoepathy individuals. Asians are said to be more best homoepathy predisposed to homoepathy intense reaction.

Also known as popular urticaria is due to hypersensitivity to the antigens introduced during insect bites in children between 2-7 years of age.

It manifests as homoepathy recurrent eruption of irritable papules, which may be grouped in irregular clusters.in some children's urticarial wheal may occur and at some stage one may see occurrence of papules on the top of a wheal at the best homoeopathic doctor site of the bite. These lesions are frequently seasonal in nature. As the child grows, he stops developing these lesions which are thought to be due to the development of hypo-sensitization through repeated bites.

MANAGEMENT: the patient should be removed from atmosphere from the areas where there are more insects, protect his body from insect bites by covering his body with full sleeve, insect repellants homoeopathy medicine Apis, is given in most of the cases of pain, redness, swelling. Sempervivum tectorum is used locally. for Hypersensivity to insect bite. Medicines; anac, calad, nat-mur, staph, sulph, thuja.