How to make a women healthy.

How to make a women healthy.

  • BY Dr. Rajeev's Clinic
  • 23-Mar-2022

Nearly 2 out 3 women in the united states  die from chronic disease like heart disease,cancer or diabetes.choose lots of fruits,vegetable,whole grains,low fat diary,and lean protein to keep you healthy.

     Healthy Do's and Don't  for women health-


  • No white flour,sugar and salt.
  • Never sleep on your stomach.
  • Don't skip meals.
  • Don't smoke, Alcohol,excessive amount of caffenine..
  • Maintain your weight.



  • Drink plenty water.
  • Take proper sleep.
  • 30 Minutes of walking can burn 200-250 calories.
  • Use SPF ,2 to 3 times a day.
  • Say no to junk food over come addiction.
  • Take healthy food.
  • Take proper amount of green vegetable.