• BY Dr. Rajeev's Clinic
  • 08-Jan-2023

It is a type of digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining.

This is a chronic disease that occurs when stomach acid or bile flows into the food pipe and irritates the lining.

Acid reflux and heartburn more than twice a week may indicate GERD.

CAUSES: - GERD is caused by ring of muscle at the bottom of the oesophagus(gullet) becoming weakened. Normally this ring of muscle opens to let food into stomach and closes to stop gastric acid leaking back up in the oesophagus.

SYMPTOMS: - Symptoms include burning pain in the chest that usually occurs after eating and worsens when lying down.

GASTRO-INTESTINAL: - Belching, heartburn, nausea or Regurgitation.

There may be a discomfort feeling in upper abdomen, bitter taste in mouth and a dry cough.


Inflammation of the tissue in the esophagus. Stomach acid can break down tissue in the oesophagus, causing inflammation, bleeding and sometimes an open sore.

Narrowing of the Oesophagus (Oesophageal stricture).

Precancerous changes to the Oesophagus (Barret's oesophagus).


There are many Homoeopathic remedies which can effectively manage the causes, sign, symptoms, and prevent its further progress and complications. One should visit their nearest Homoeopathic physician to get the medicines prescribed.