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Writer`s cramp

Homeopathy Treatment for Writer`s cramp

Chronic sustained pain or sudden painful contraction (cramp/spasm) of certain muscles of the hand and/or fingers are known as Writer's cramp.

The patient experiences uncontrolled, tiresome or tedious muscular contraction causes altered movements and abnormal position or attitudes of hands and fingers in In Writer's cramp. This disease generally affects one body part.

It generally affects people between the ages of 30 to 50 years, but it can affects at any age group, both men and women are equally.

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Causes :

The exact reason behind Writer's cramp is not well understood, yet. It was generally believed to be the result of excessive muscular or motor activity, may be complicated by a faulty writing technique.

In some cases it may be aggravated by some certain chemical exposure as well as in some cases hereditary tendency may be observed.


Signs and symptoms :

The chief or main symptoms of Writer's cramp area feeling of pain and uneasiness while using the hand or fingers for a long time.

Difficulty is experienced by the patients in using the hands, for writing or for other occupational purposes.

The handwriting becomes changed, some times unreadable also, patients generally feels great difficulties due to the change in their signatures, there may be severe pain and uneasiness to write, type or during other occupational works.

Common symptoms include excessive abnormal or faulty movement of the wrist or elbow.

A similar situation can be observed in professionals like musicians playing certain instruments, or may be in case of typists or in golfers.

Homeopathic treatment :

Writer's cramp find encouraging results with homeopathic treatment, especially in 'not too old' cases. When it is treated in its early stages the chances of complications become less.
Homeopathic treatment works as muscle relaxant as well as pain reliever.

Homeopathy helps in the reduction of sudden painful contraction (spasms) and to restore the disturbed functions of the body parts as a whole. Homeopathy is recommended for the cases of Writer's cramps.

Magnesium Phos 

Usefull for contraction in fingers while writing. The fingers feel tight while writing and cramps are experienced.Also usefull for contraction of fingers in musicians while playing musical instruments like the piano or the violin.There is Sharp, shooting, cramping or tearing pain in the hand and fingers may also be felt along with muscle contraction.


Usefull for lack of muscle coordination in hands. Weakness in hands is also felt. The slightest exertion increases this weakness. The hands may also feel heavy while writing. Gelsemium is also one of the best Homeopathic medicines for writer’s cramp cases where anxiety tends to worsen the symptoms of writer’s cramp.

Sulphuric Acid 

There is jerking of the pen while writing. The person experiences contraction of muscles in the fingers and hands while writing.

Stannum Met

Usefull for typewriter’s paralysis. Dropping of things from the hand due to muscle weakness is a major indication for prescribing Homeopathic medicine Stannum Met.