Inflammatory conditions of the vulva and vagina are the commonest disorders during childhood. Due to lack of estrogen, the vaginal defence is lost and the infection occurs easily, once introduced inside the vagina.


  • Non-specific vulvovaginitis.
  • Presence of foreign body in the vagina.
  • Associated intestinal infestations—threadworm being the commonest.
  • Rarely, more specific infection caused by Candida albicans or Gonococcus may be implicated.

Clinical Features: The chief complaints are pruritus of varying degree and vaginal discharge. There may be painful micturition. Inspection reveals soreness of the vulva. The labia minora may be swollen and red. If a foreign body is suspected, a vaginal examination with an aural or nasal speculum may help in diagnosis.

INVESTIGATIONS: The vaginal discharge is collected with a platinum loop and two smears are taken, one

for direct examination and the other for Gram stain. A small amount may be taken with a pipette for culture in Stuart’s media. To exclude intestinal infestation, stool examination is of help.

Vaginoscopy is needed to exclude foreign body or tumor in a case with recurrent infection.

Treatment: In most cases, the cause remains unknown. Simple perineal hygiene will relieve the symptoms. In cases of soreness or after removal of foreign body, estrogen cream is to be applied locally, every night for two weeks. When the specific organisms are detected, therapy should be directed to cure the condition.


Vaginitis can be treated very efficiently with natural homoeopathic medicines. Homoeopathic medicines boost the body's self-healing mechanism to fight with the infection and aid safe, natural recovery from Vaginitis without any side effects.

Pulsatilla: - For vaginitis with thick vaginal discharge. Helpful for vaginitis when vaginal discharges are thick. They are white and get worse on lying down.

Kreosotum: - For itching in vagina in cases of Vaginitis. The Itching is quite intense and violent. There may be soreness and burning in the vagina after scratching.

Alumina: - For vaginitis vaginal discharges causing burning in vagina. The discharges are worst during the daytime and may be transparent or light yellow. They are also highly acrid, corrosive, excoriating. Cold washing tends to relieve the symptoms.

Natrum Mur: - For vaginitis with white vaginal discharge. The discharges are thick and profuse and tend to get worse at night. They also tend to be acrid and are attended with itching and a smarting pain in genitals.

Merc Sol: - For greenish vaginal discharge in Vaginitis. A night aggravation of the discharges may be present. The discharges may be bloody, stained, corrosive and itchy leading to scratching. Scratching is often followed by burning.

Hydrastis: - Use of hydrastis is considered in cases of Vaginitis with a yellow discharge from the vagina. The discharges are profuse, thick, tenacious, and highly viscid. The discharges may be stringy, ropy, in some cases