Heat rashes mostly occur in humid, hot weather. Due to excessive sweats the ducts from the sweat glands in your skin become blocked. This causes your sweat to leak into surrounding tissue, which leads to irritation.


  • small red spots
  • an itchy, prickly feeling
  • redness and mild swelling
  • Tiny, pink bumps
  • Mainly on the neck, chest and upper back
  • Occurs during hot, humid weather or after lots of sun
  • May be slight itching be their.


  • wearing loose cotton clothing
  • using lightweight bedding
  • taking cool showers
  • drinking plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration


  • applying cold, such as a damp cloth .
  • Tapping or pat drying the rash instead of scratching it
  • Avoid use of perfumes, shower gels or creams


APIS MELLIFICA - burning, stinging and severe prickling heat rash. It  soothing the burning and prickling sensation in heat rash cases. The skin eruptions are very sensitive to touch and the skin is red. The desire and tendency to bathe in cold water

SULPHUR - eruptions, either pimples or pustules, with itching. Scratching the eruptions is the general relieving factor found in a majority of persons needing Sulphur. The  itching and burning get intolerable at  night. Getting warm in bed excites the itching. Aversion to bathing is another key symptom.  Washing and bathing worsen the itching in such persons.  Intense heat in palms and soles.

NATRUM MUR - heat rash where eruptions and itching increase with exertion in physical activities.  Shooting pain appears in the eruptions following exertion. Itching, stinging and pricking sensation are also prominent. Worse in  heat of sun. Better in open air 

HEPAR SULPH - heat rash with pus containing eruptios.  Very sensitive pustules on skin with intense pricking and burning stinging sensation. The pustules are sensitive to the slightest touch.  Excessive perspiration is present in almost all persons needing Hepar Sulph.

ACONITUM NAPELLS -  itching appear on the body. The child gets restless with the itching and feels good in open air. The itching worsens in a warm room. The child also may demand water in large quantities.

CHAMOMILLA 30 children who have heat rash with itching that gets worse at night. The child shows utmost irritability along with itching. The child may also show a desire for being carried by parents in most cases.