Torticollis (twisted neck) is when the muscles of your neck spasm (cramp) and cause your neck to twist to one side. It’s a physical sign rather than a distinct disease.

Torticollis is a common cause of neck pain in young people, and it’s not generally associated with a previous neck injury or neck pain.


Torticollis usually causes pain on one side of your neck. You may feel pain in the middle of the neck and in your shoulders and head. Your neck may be very tender and if you try to massage the area to provide relief, it’s possible your neck muscles will spasm. You may also find it difficult to straighten your neck or turn your head a particular way.

Your symptoms will usually disappear completely within a week, and they usually ease considerably within 1 or 2 days. Sometimes your symptoms may last longer, but this is not common.


Sometimes babies are born with torticollis, for example if there was birth trauma or if they have an abnormality in their spine.

In children and adults, torticollis is usually due to a sudden muscle spasm in your neck that may be due to injury or trauma to a muscle. The injury may be so minor that you don’t even recall it. Sometimes the cause may be inflammation in your neck or spasm due to inflammation nearby.

Sometimes torticollis can happen if you have a neurological problem called dystonia.


To reduce risk of neck pain: Improve your posture with gentle stretching exercises, or try a yoga or Pilates class.

If you work at a desk, arrange your workspace so that your desk and chair suit your needs. Use a footrest if you find that your knees and hips are not level and your feet do not sit flat on the ground. You may also need to move items that you use regularly closer to you, so that you don’t twist or reach too far to find items you need.

Support your neck while sleeping with a support pillow, and sleep with just one pillow.

Adjust your headrest in the car, so that it is at least at eye level and as close to the back of your head as possible. Don’t drive if you can’t turn your head freely.

Use a headset or speakerphone, and don’t tuck your phone between your shoulder and ear.


Cimicifuga:- the Homoeopathic medicine for Torticollis with neck and back stiffness after a draft of air. If at all, the significant muscular spasm is pulling head backward the remedy is Cimicifuga. Lumbosacral pain down to thighs and hip is another symptom.

Cuprum met:-Especially helps in treatment of torticollis of tetany in origin. It is the best remedy for all kinds of cramps, especially extremities. For the torticollis that appears before menses, Cuprum met is the remedy.

Lacnanthes:- Sternocleidomastoid muscle and nape of neck is the main target. It is the Homoeopathic remedy for Torticollis when often head is pulled to right. Migraine with chilliness indicates it.

Menyanthes:- Indicated when the pain extends to entire brain. There is a pressing in the vertex. A strong pressure with hand often worsens the pain. Twitching of facial muscles that attend with torticollis also needs this remedy.