Testicular atrophy is when the testes shrink. In the case of testicular atrophy, the testes get smaller due to a loss of some of the germ cells and Leydig cells.

Germ cells produce sperm while Leydig cells produce testosterone.

If the testes shrink, a person could have a lower sperm count, lower testosterone levels, or both, due to the loss of these cells.

Testicular atrophy differs from the shrinking that occurs due to cold temperatures. In cooler temperatures, the scrotum retracts or shrinks, pulling the testes closer to the body to maintain warmth. In warmer temperatures, it loosens, allowing the testes to cool.


Possible causes of testicular atrophy include:

  • age
  • testicular cancer
  • orchitis
  • diseases
  • excessive alcohol usage
  • hormone imbalance
  • testicular torsion
  • varicocele


Often the most obvious symptom of testicular atrophy is the noticeable shrinkage of one or both testicles.

However, depending on the person’s age and underlying conditions, a person may notice some additional symptoms.

Those who have not yet gone through puberty may notice a:

  • larger penis size
  • lack of facial or pubic hair

If testicular atrophy occurs after puberty, additional symptoms may include:

  • soft testicles
  • lower sex drive
  • reduced muscle mass
  • infertility
  • reduced facial or pubic hair

If an underlying medical condition is causing testicular atrophy, a person may also experience:

  • pain in the testicles
  • inflammation
  • fever
  • nausea


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