Temper tantrums are normal from 1 to 3 years, are mostly mild in nature, and improve with time. Only frequent or severe tantrums are abnormal.

There are a number of different triggers to a tantrum:

  • frustration at not being able to make themselves understood,
  • desire for independence (e.g. strapping a child into a high-chair)
  • hunger
  • tiredness
  • wanting attention.

Tantrums are often provoked by inconsistent discipline and reinforced unintentionally by excessive attention to the child when they take place. Temper tantrums usually improve when the parents set consistent limits to the child’s behaviour, enforce these limits kindly but firmly, and pay less attention to the child during the tantrums.

It is important to discover why the parents have been unable to achieve consistent discipline (e.g. there may be marital problems), and to give common-sense advice on setting and enforcing limits.


Calc carb: For toddlers who can be wilfully stubborn and defiant. They don’t like to be hurried or pushed, they need time to assimilate change. There may be other symptoms such as nightmares and dreams of monsters.

Calc phos: Children who are bored easily and want to be out and about, going to different places and whinge and whine when they can’t get what they want. They are dissatisfied with everything and cannot be pleased.

Chamomilla: Bad tempered, impatient, restless, contrary and they don’t seem to know what they want. They are inflamed by attention and it is difficult to please them, the only thing that seems to settle them temporarily is when they are carried or rocked hard. They will scream when they are put down again. They stiffen the body and arch backwards.

Cina: It’s a good idea to check whether your child has worms. Tantrums and internal rage, and irritability, often indicate worms although this remedy can still be indicated even if there are no worms. Child can be very cross and grouchy. Will scream, bite, and hit. Tend to be constantly hungry.

Nux vomica: This child knows exactly what they want and can fly into a fiery and violent temper with total intolerance of the slightest contradiction. They can easily flare up when something disturbs or upsets them and they tend to reproach others for their faults. They are easily bored, very impatient and always busy achieving something. Ailments can be brought on by too much sugar, medications or stress.