CALCAREA IODIDE - Calcarea iodide is an excellent remedy for enlargement of glands. The peculiar symptom is there is hardness in glands

CALCAREA FLOUR - Calcarea flour is another top medicine for glandular swelling. There is indolent glandular enlargements of the cervical and lymphatic glands with hardness. Also there is enlargement of the bronchial and mesenteric glands, worse in damp weather and better from hot fomentations and rubbing.

CALCREA CARB - Calcarea carb is suitable to fat flabby persons , where the swelling of glands tend to suppurate. Another peculiar symptom for the selection of Calcarea carb is sweat on the head , which is sour and offensive

SCROPHULARIA NODOSA - Scrophularia is an excellent remedy for inflammation and suppuration of the glands. It is very effective for nodosities in the breasts

GRAPHITES - Graphites is very effective for enlargement of glands of axilla, groin and neck with skin symptoms. The abdomen is large and hard

BELLADONNA - Belladonna is a very effective remedy for glandular swelling threatening suppuration. They may be in the axillary region or swellings of the mammae which are heavy , red and sensitive. Another character is red streaks radiating from the inflamed gland with great heat and stitching pains

LAPIS ALBUS - Lapis albus covers various forms of growths. In this remedy the glands are enlarged with a certain amount of softness rather than stony hardness as in Calcarea flour. It is also effective for enlargement of mesenteric glands

IODUM - Iodum is one of the top remedies for the enlargement of glands, including tonsils, with withering of the entire body, the muscles shrink and all the skin wrinkles, except mammary glands which dwindle , all glands are enlarged

CARBO ANIMALIS - Carbo animalis is another excellent remedy for glandular swellings. The glands enlarge slowly and then they stay. They do not suppurate , nor do they enlarge much, they are hard.

ACONITUM LYCOTONUM -Aconitum lycotonum is useful for swelling of the cervical , axillary and mammary glands and even where Hodgkin’s disease has been suspected.

MERC IODIDE -Merc iodide  is useful for inflammation of glands with pain. They are hard and red . It follows Belladonna well.

AETHUSA -Aethusa is also effective for glandular swelling , where swelling of glands round neck like a string of beads.

PHYTOLACCA DEC. - Phytolacca dec. is very effective for glandular swelling with heat and inflammation. It is useful for tumors of breast with enlarged axillary glands.

GELSEMIUM -Gelsemium is also useful for enlargement and inflammation of lymphatic gland with fever without thirst coming at 10 and 11 am and completely subsiding by evening. Cerebral symptoms such as distression in head, vertigo etc may be present.

BROMIUM - Bromium is one of the top remedies for glandular swelling. Hardness of glands without tendency to suppurate. Useful for swelling of testicles.