Solitary renal cyst is never congenital. It is due to an earlier trauma or infection resulting in blockage of tubule, leading to cyst formation. Acquired renal cysts are simple cysts that must be distinguished from more serious causes of cystic disease.

Acquired cysts are usually simple, ie, they are round and sharply demarcated with smooth walls. They may be solitary or multiple.

Isolated cysts are most often detected incidentally on imaging studies; they are distinguished from other cystic renal disorders and renal masses, such as renal cell carcinoma, which is typically irregular or multiloculated with complex features such as irregular walls, septae, and areas of unclear demarcation or calcification.


Loin pain


Urinary infection


Abdominal mass

 It is usually unilateral, presents as a renal mass which is smooth, often tender if infected or haemorrhagic.


  • USG
  • IVU confirms the diagnosis.
  • CT scan


ARALIA HISPIDA- high level of creatinine in blood. There is dropsy of renal origin. Urinary tract infection is present. Urine is scanty leading to complete suppression of urine. Renal diseases with constipation.

AMPELOPSIS QUINQUEFOLIA 30- Ampelopsis quinquefolia is another effective remedy for high level of creatinine in blood. There is uraemia or uremic coma. Vomiting, purging, tenesmus , cold sweat and collapse are the leading symptoms. 

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM  Urine milky and turbid. Sometimes haematuria . Urine is burning and hot. The right kidney is mainly affected

MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS -urine is scanty, red, with albumin and casts. The urine is hot , burning and passed drop by drop with much tenesmus of bladder. There are lumbar pain, and great dyspnea. Also there is swelling of the feet.

PHOSPHORUS- Urine turbid, brown with red sediment. There is lassitude of the whole body , hands and feet icy cold, sleepiness. The weakness is more in the morning, and there is heat in the body without thirst, especially in the evening.

TEREBINTH - burning drawing pain in the region of the kidney extending along the ureters. The urine is dark and  smoky.Also the urine is albuminous and bloody

SERUM ANGUILLAE -polycystic kidney disease with kidney failure. There is high level of creatinine in blood. It is very effective in acute nephritis. Kidney failure. It is prescribed when hypertension and oliguria without oedema is present. Urine contains albumin.