It is fluid fill sac which can be formed in both kidneys the size varies from pea to size of golf ball. They are harmless cysts that do not enlarge to interfere with the normal function of the kidney, but if they grow large, they may have some symptoms like dull pain in the back, side, and upper abdomen. When cysts get infected, they produce symptoms of fever, pain, and tenderness. The causes of simple kidney cysts are not known, but those who are older and have the disease in the family are more susceptible.


  • May be asymptomatic.
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Cysts may compress the kidneys or the ureter, causing suppression of urine.
  • Become infected, causing fever, pain, and tenderness.
  • Hematuria occurs when the cyst bursts.
  • High blood pressure.


  • USG of the abdomen
  • A CT-scan with contrast medium will provide a detailed view
  • An MRI provides details about the cyst.
  • Urine examination may show blood contain (hematuria).


1: Apis mellifica: This homoeopathic remedy is often prescribed for acute forms of kidney cysts. There is swelling of the face, hands and feet, headaches and back pain. The urine is scanty bloody. The patient may also complain of a feeling of suffocation. There is thirstlessness and burning over body which is ameliorated bye cold application.

2: ARSENICUM ALBUM: A profoundly acting remedy on every organ and tissue. Its clear-cut characteristic symptoms and correspondence to many severe types of disease make its homeopathic employment constant and certain. Its general symptoms often alone lead to its successful application. Among these the all-prevailing debility, exhaustion, and restlessness, with nightly aggravation, are most important. Urine is Scanty, burning, involuntary. Bladder as if paralyzed. Albuminous. Epithelial cells; cylindrical clots of fibrin and globules of pus and blood. After urinating, feeling of weakness in abdomen. Pain and burning in back ameliorated by heat.

3: Phosphorus: Characteristic symptoms of kidney cysts that can be treated with phosphorus include irritation, inflames and degenerates mucous membranes, irritates and inflames serous membranes. It suited to person of tall, slender persons, narrow chested, with thin, transparent skin, weakened by loss of animal fluids, with great nervous debility, emaciation, amative tendencies, seem to be under the special influence of Phosphorus. There is desire for refreshing, cold drink or juicy things. There is hematuria, and urine is turbid, brown, with red sediment. Very restless and burning whole body which is ameliorated by cold application.

4: Digitalis: Kidney cysts that are accompanied by cardiovascular symptoms such as a feeble pulse can be treated with this homoeopathic remedy. It can also be sued to address dark and scanty urine, rheumatic pains, weak circulation and faintness of the stomach.

5: Lycopodium Clavatum: Lycopodium is an effective remedy for simple kidney cyst with kidney failure. There is a high level of creatinine in the blood. Urine scanty cries before urinating, red sand in urine, must strain, suppressed or retained. Urine milky and turbid. Sometimes haematuria. Urine is burning and hot. The right kidney is mainly affected. There is desire sweet, warm food with aversion of bread. Cannot eat oysters.