Sensitive and suspicious personalities People


In this group are difficult to engage in treatment and they may distrust their doctors.

This group includes paranoid, schizoid, and schizotypal personality disorders.

Paranoid personality disorder - These individuals are sensitive and suspicious; they mistrust others and suspect their motives, and are prone to jealousy. They are touchy, irritable, argumentative, and stubborn. Some of these people have a strong sense of self-importance and special ability, although they may feel that their potential has been stymied by others letting them down or deceiving them.

Schizoid personality disorder - These individuals are emotionally cold, self-sufficient, and detached. They are introspective and may have a complex fantasy life. They show little concern for the opinions of others, and pursue a solitary course through life. When this personality disorder is extreme, the person is cold, callous, and insensitive.

Schizotypal personality disorder - These individuals are eccentric and have unusual ideas (e.g. about telepathy and clairvoyance) or ideas of reference. Their speech is abstract and vague, and their affect may be inappropriate to the circumstances.

 Characteristics of sensitive and suspicious personalities

  • Sensitive, touchy, irritable; see rebuffs where none exist
  • Suspicious, mistrustful
  • Cold, detached, show little concern for others, reject help when it is offered
  • Eccentric, with unusual ideas about topics such as telepathy
  • Self-sufficient
  • Lacking concern


ACONITUM NAPELLUS : Sudden panic attacks with restlessness.  Great fear and anxiety. Fear of future, a crowd, crossing the street. Fear of death and believes that he will soon die, predicts the day.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM :  Sad and weeping. Sentimental mood. Love sick, disappointed love. No desire to live. Great anxiety about his fate. Cross and touchy. Suicidal. Inclination to shoot himself.

ARSENICUM ALBUM : Obsessive compulsive disorder with persistent thought of fear of death and disease, yet tired of living, worse night. The patient thinks that it is useless to take medicines. Despair of recovery. Along with this there is great anguish and restlessness.

AURUM METALLICUM : Severe depression. Hopelessness. Grief. Future looks dark. Feeling of self-condemnation and utter worthlessness. Profound despondency. Disgust of life and thoughts of suicide. Talks of committing suicide. Peevish and vehement at least contradiction. Hateful and quarrelsome.

CHAMOMILLA : Bad temper. Anger and quarrelsome. Sudden outbursts of anger because of contradiction or when the feelings are hurt. Peevishness, ill-humor, anger with rage, violence and heat. Cannot bear to be looked at.

CROCUS SATIVA : Sudden mood changes. Rapidly changing or alternating mental disposition. Anger with violence rapidly followed by abject repentance. Laughter quickly followed by tears. Hilarity to melancholy.

GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS : Emotional excitement and fear, leading to bodily ailments.  Bad effects from fright, fear, exciting news.  Mental dullness, dizzy, drowsy, and droopy. Stage fright. Confusion, acts as if crazy.

IGNATIA AMARA : Mood swings. Moody. Sighing and sobbing. Involuntary sighing. Inward weeping, enjoys being sad. Highly emotional and moody. Changeable mood. Change from joy to sorrow, from laughing to weeping. Constantly frustrated. Amiable in disposition if feeling well, but easily disturbed by very slight emotion. Easily offended

MOSCHUS : Violent anger. Sudden outbursts of anger. Violent anger, talks excitedly, raves, scolds, until mouth becomes dry, lips blue, eyes staring, and falls unconscious. Uncontrollable laughter.

STRAMONIUM : Impulsive behavior. Tears clothes, curses and indulges in excessive screaming till the voice is lost. Desire light and company. Cannot bear to be alone. Worse in the dark and solitude. Cannot walk in a dark room. 

SYPHILINUM : Obsessive compulsive disorder with an impulse to wash hands repeatedly. They wash their hands again and again because they thought that their hands contaminated by germs or dirty by touching any objects.

VALERIANA OFFICINALIS : Changeable disposition and moods. Mental disturbances passing from one extreme of emotions to another from the highest joy to deepest grief from mildness to grumbling. Feels light, as if floating in air. Mood swings more at night and when resting, better from walking. Irritable. Hallucinations at night.