Prolapsed cervical disc, is a common condition affecting the spine frequently causing neck pain or back pain is a displacement of disc material (nucleus pulposus or annulus fibrosis) beyond the intervertebral disc space.


  • Pain in the neck: The pain may extend from neck to shoulders, arms and sometimes hands and fingers. Pain may get worse from neck movement.
  • Numbness, tingling or weakness may also accompany pain in the neck, and arms.
  • Weakness in arms affects ability to hold objects resulting in frequent falling of holded things.
  • Numbness or tingling in a shoulder or arm that may go down to your fingers
  • Weakness in a hand or arm
  • Stumbling or awkward walking
  • Tingling or a shock-like feeling running down your body into your legs
  • Problems using your hands and arms for fine motor skills
  • Loss of balance and coordination


  • Age
  • Occupation where - lifting weights, pulling or pushing objects regularly
  • Suddenly twisting or straining the back
  • Obesity
  • Lifting heavy objects with bent waist
  • Back injury / trauma
  • Driving for long hours regularly put pressure on back and raises the risk
  • Rest of risk factors includes a family history of disc bulge
  • smoking


  1. MRI : most commonly used investigation to diagnose cases of disc bulge / herniation. It will confirm disc bulge and its location in suspected cases.
  2. X-ray: Though X- ray cannot detect disc prolapse, it may be recommended to rule out other causes of backache (fracture, tumor for example)
  3. CT scan (computed tomography): With the help of CT scan, X-rays will be taken from different directions of the spine and structures around it
  4. Myelogram: CT scan is done after injecting a dye in the spinal fluid. This will detect pressure on the nerves from disc prolapse.


1.Rhus Tox –  It is a great medicine for lumbar disc bulge causing pain in the lower back, pain in the lower back which gets worse if one sits for long hours. Lying down or any resting position also worsens the pain, relievs stiffness in the spine. The stiffness gets much worse after a period of rest and gets better by walking. The persons who have pain in the lower back that gets worse by lifting heavy weight or from straining. disc bulge in cervical spine which causes neck pain. Neck pain which happens from overstraining the neck or from injury can be effectively dealt with this medicine.

  1. Colocynth – sciatica pain, sciatica on the left-side. severe pain in the lower back which extends down the left lower limb. The pain mostly gets better by applying pressure or heat application. The nature of the pain can be cramping, tearing, shooting or drawing in nature.
  2. Magnesium Phos – sciatica of the right side. Sciatica pains can be of varying nature like stitching, shooting or cutting. It is beneficial when there is relief from sciatica pain by applying pressure or warmth.
  3. Gnaphalium –  severe sciatica pains along with a feeling of numbness. Folding thighs towards the abdomen gives some relief. It is a remedy that is very beneficial for degenerative disc disease presenting itself with Sciatic nerve impingement, leading to pain and numbness.
  4. Bryonia – Persons who have lower backache which gets better by taking rest will find natural remedy Bryonia of great help. Such people's experience worsening of pain in the back from a slight movement or walking. Stiffness and rigidity also accompany pain in the back. The pain forces the patient to sit or walk in bent posture. Such persons have difficulty in holding an upright position.
  5. Hypericum- numbness and tingling in legs. Along with this, there may occur sharp pain in legs. Pain may be felt in lower back as well. The back may be very sensitive to touch. For disc bulge related to injury to spine.
  6. Phosphorus – disc bulge when burning in spine accompanies the other symptoms, including backache. The most important indication for using Phosphorus is lower backache that worsens when rising from a stooping posture. Getting up from a seat after prolonged sitting also seems to heighten the pain. A feeling of a broken spine also dominates.
  7. Guaiacum Officinale – effective when pain in the neck is present.Stiffness in the neck is also present. The shoulders may also be sore. In some cases, the stiffness radiates from the neck to the whole back on one side.
  8. Paris Quadrifolia – manage pain in the neck accompanied with numbness in arms, hands or fingers. The pain from the neck extends to fingers. This pain may worsen from exertion. A sensation of a heavy weight around the neck and shoulders may attend.
  9. Kalmia Latifolia - pain from the neck radiates down the arms. It is attended by numbness, or tingling, pricking sensation in hands. Sometimes weakness is felt in the upper limbs.
  10. Theridion: GREAT SENSITIVENESS BETWEEN VERTEBRAE; patient sits sideways on a chair to avoid pressure of back against the spine; pains in bones as if every part would fall asunder, followed by violent coldness, not relieved by heat; weakness, trembling, anxiety.