Plica polonica is an uncommon condition ,in which groups of hairs shift becomes irreversibily entangled,forms a matted and a sticky moist mass. Plica Polonica has been variously attributed to conditions such as psychiatric illnesses, pediculosis, and scalp pyodermas. However, in this case, the patient did not have any underlying condition which could have led to the development of Plica Polonica.


  • Inflamed scalp with bad odour
  • Itchy
  • Matted hairs
  • Hair strands become twisted,tangled,matted


  • use of bad quality of shampoo
  • immune system low
  • skin disorders
  • environment

Few homoeopathic remedies are as followed:

Mezerium -  Affections of external head; scaly eruption, white scabs. Head covered with thick, leathery crusts, under which pus collects, intolerable itching.

Nat mur - -Greasy, oily, especially on hairy parts. Dry eruptions, especially on margin of hairy scalp.

Psorinum - Humid eruption on scalp; hair matted. Hair dry. Dry, lusterless, rough hair. Intolerable itching.

Borax -  Hair tangled at tips, cannot be separated, as in Plica Polonica.

Graphites  - Humid, itching eruption on hairy scalp, emitting a fetid odor. 

Vinca minor - Spots on scalp, oozing moisture, matting hair together. Corrosive itching of scalp. Bald spots. Plica polonica. Irresistible desire to scratch.