Some infections might make it look like your eye is bleeding. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a very common and very contagious eye condition in children and adults.

It can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Babies can get pink eye if they have a blocked tear duct. Irritation of the eye from allergies and chemicals can also lead to this condition.

Pink eye makes the conjunctiva swollen and tender. The white of the eye looks pink because more blood is rushed to your eye to help fight the infection.

Pink eye doesn’t cause pink eye, but in some cases, it might make already fragile blood vessels break, triggering sub conjunctival hemorrhage.


Homoeopathy today is a rapidly growing system and is being practiced all over the world. It strength lies in its evident effectiveness as it takes a holistic approach towards the sick individual through promotion of inner balance at mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. When is concerned there are many effective medicines available in Homoeopathy, but the selection depends upon the individuality of the patient, considering mental and physical symptoms

Few homoeopathic medicine can be thought of in the treatment of pink eye are:

argentum nitricum, euphrasia etc.