Excessive accumulation of dead skin cells and the overproduction of oil on your nose can combine with acne-causing bacteria to block your pores and turn into pimples.

Common causes which makes you prone to pimples on nasal region are as followed;

  • Menopause, Menstruation, Puberty -Hormonal imbalances in your body during such events are a common cause of pimple flare-ups on your nose.
  • Extreme Stress -One of the common aggravating factors leading to pimples on the nose is chronic stress.
  • Irritation from wearing your glasses - Constantly wearing glasses or spectacles that are too tight or heavy on the bridge of your nose can cause reduced shedding of normal dead skin cells leading to clogged pores.
  • Excessive fast food habit
  • Family history of acne

preventive measures

  1. Wash your face at least twice a day with a good face cleanser or a face wash.
  2. Do not pick or pop the pimples on your nose.
  3. Use a moisturiser that is appropriate for your skin type to keep it hydrated.
  4. Wash your hair frequently. Shampooing your hair prevents oil and dandruff from moving down and reaching the pores on your nose
  5. Avoid over-scrubbing the skin around your nose. Scrubs aren’t acne treatments, and scrubbing alone won’t clear your skin.
  6. Avoid touching your nose or even your face with dirty hands. Bacteria can transfer from your fingertips onto your skin, causing pimples.


CAUSTICUM:  Nostrils ulcerated. Pimples and warts.

CISTUS - Tip of nose painful. Itching, burning, and crusts,  Small, painful pimples

ELAPS- . Eruption about nose. -Glands and skin of axillć affected; itching with tetter. Tips of fingers peel off. Itching eruption in axillć.

NAT CARB- All troubles of external nose which may attain a morbid size-pimples and puffiness.  Vesicular eruption in patches and circles.

NAT PHOS- Itching of nose, florid appearance of face. Yellow. Itching in various parts  Smooth, red, shining pimples on nose.

SILICEA- -Itching at point of nose. Dry, hard crusts form Pus offensive. Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies from tissues. Every little injury suppurates

KALI BROM- -Acne of face, pustules. Itching; worse on chest, shoulders, and face