Isolated infection to the ovaries is a rarity. The ovaries are almost always affected during salpingitis and as such the nomenclature of salpingo-oophoritis is preferred.

  • The affection of the ovary from tubal Infection occurs by the following routes:
  • Directly from the exudates contaminating the ovarian surface producing perioophoritis.
  • Through lymphatics of the mesosalpinx and mesovarium producing interstitial oophoritis.
  • Blood borne—mumps.
  • Through the rent of the ovulation producing interstitial oophoritis.

If the organisms are severe, an abscess is formed and a tubo-ovarian abscess results. In others, the ovaries may be adherent to the tubes, intestine, Omentum, and pelvic peritoneum producing tubo ovarian mass (TO mass). Such a mass is usually bilateral.

Direct affection of the ovaries without tubal involvement may be due to mumps or influenza. In mumps, there is no sterilizing effect on the ovaries unlike testes. This is because the capsule of the ovary is elastic and as such, ischemic injury to the graafian follicles is not likely. Even if some follicles are damaged, many are left behind to carry on the reproductive function.

The symptomatology and treatment are like those of salpingitis.


There is a good scope to manage cases of Oophoritis in homoeopathy. Use of homeopathic medicines help in targeting to manage the root cause behind it.

Apis Mel:-Females needing it complain of sharp, stinging, burning or cutting pains in the Ovarian region. The ovary on the right side may be enlarged.

Sepia: -Pain, heavy weight and pressure is felt in ovarian region. Congested feeling in Ovaries or stinging sensation can also be felt.

Palladium: - Especially indicated for right sided ovaritis. The indications for using this are swelling in the right ovary with soreness. This worsens while standing and on motion.

Lachesis: - This medicine is well indicated for managing left sided ovaritis. There is swelling of the left ovary along with pain which are sharp, shooting in nature.

Sabina: - This medicine is well indicated for managing heavy bleeding during menses. Females who require it have profuse, gushing bright red bleeding during periods. The menstrual flow is mixed with dark clots.

Phosphorus: - Beneficial medicine for managing inter menstrual bleeding. For using this medicine, the episodes of Bleeding in between menses are frequent and bleeding is profuse.

Pulsatilla:- This medicine is useful when there is thick, creamy, milky white vaginal discharge. This gets worse on lying down. It is attended with burning sensation and genital itching. Weakness occurs from vaginal discharges.