Confidence is the belief a person has in themselves and their abilities and ideas. If a person has confidence, they generally understand and accept themselves as they are, person with high levels of self-esteem will feel positively about themselves and recognize their good qualities

Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence can affect how people feel about themselves and their abilities. It can also affect how individuals make decisions and live their lives.

If people have low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, they may have an unbalanced view of themselves and feel doubtful of their abilities or what they have to offer. Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence can negatively affect people’s relationships, work, or studies.


  • feelings of self-doubt
  • passive or submissive behavior
  • difficulty trusting others
  • feeling inferior to others
  • overly sensitive to criticism
  • feeling unloved
  • use negative words when describing themselves
  • has negative self-talk
  • avoid taking credit for their achievements, instead putting it down to luck
  • blame themselves for things that go wrong rather than considering other factors that are out of their control
  • does not believe compliments about them


If people grow up experiencing a high level of pain or hurt, this may have a negative effect on their self-esteem. Constant criticism may harm self-esteem and a person’s negative self-talk.

Several factors may affect confidence, such as:

  • results at work or school
  • the media and social media
  • body image and feelings about appearance
  • the level of support people has around them
  • achievements or skill levels
  • physical and mental health issues
  • feeling the need to conform or fit in with peers
  • perfectionism
  • comparison to others
  • a pressure to achieve or excel in certain areas
  • bullying or abuse
  • stigma or discrimination
  • moving away from a safe or familiar area or loved ones
  • family or relationship problems


Homeopathic treatment for lack of self confidence uses natural medicines that help a person build up confidence levels. These medicines can be taken along with psychotherapy to achieve the best results. They help change the patient’s perspective from negative to positive thoughts.

  1. Aurum Met – This medicine is suitable for patients lacking in confidence and suffering from a self-criticising nature. They feel that they are worthless and have no value. They blame themselves for trivial things that go wrong and have difficulty dealing with contradiction from others. Aurum Met is also used for people with poor confidence levels who go into depression due to the loss of love. Hopelessness is another feature that accompanies the above symptoms. Some patients may get suicidal. Aurum Met also works well in individuals who have been burdened with a lot of responsibility at a very early stage in life.
  2. Lycopodium -Lycopodium is an important homeopathic medicine for lack of self confidence. It is used for individuals who lack self confidence and are averse to taking on new tasks. They fear failure and don’t like to face new situations. Lycopodium is also used when there is an aversion to take on responsibilities because of the fear of failure. Lycopodium also works well when a person has been dominated by parents during childhood.
  3. Staphysagria – Staphysagria is another prominent homeopathic medicine for lack of self confidence. Staphysagria works well in a patient with a history of humiliation; some mental, physical, or sexual abuse; a profound insult; or some shameful incident. Staphysagria is also used for children who feel unloved or uncared for, and end up with low confidence levels. Staphysagria helps raise self confidence in persons who are weak spirited and have low self esteem. Such patients are also extremely sensitive. They get hurt very easily, tend to get offended, feel insulted too often because of little things, and are very concerned about the opinions of others.
  4. Silicea – Silicea is an effective homeopathic treatment for lack of self confidence. It works well for raising the self confidence levels in individuals who are very timid and lack self-confidence. They are uncomfortable appearing in public and lack the courage to speak in front of a group of people. They are unable to express themselves properly and have a very mild, sensitive, nervous and yielding nature. Such people consider themselves incapable of doing any work because of the fear of failure.
  5. Argentum Nitricum – Argentum Nitricum is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for lack of self confidence in cases where it is accompanied by anxiety. These individuals do everything in a great hurry and are very impatient. They also suffer from marked anticipatory anxiety. If they have to go to a new place, do something new, or appear somewhere, the anxiety levels shoot up. Diarrhea may also accompany anxiety. Such patients fear crowds, a mishappening, an impending evil, and even high buildings.