Hygiene for good health

Conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.

The skin is an important organ and it is essential that it be kept in good condition. If it is not properly cared for the various secretions and epitheial cell tend to accumulate and clog the pores . dirt sticks to the surface and adds to the trouble. Cleanliness is essential to prevent skin disease.

Good health it includes the quality of water and other drinks, food and nutrition, clothing, working conditions and physical strain as such, sleep, cleanliness of the body, bad habits like tobacco, alcohol and other drug abuse, and mental health.

Risk factors :
-Serious medical conditions that can develop on behalf of poor hygiene include

Gastroenteritis , food poisonig, Hepatitis A, Influenza

Common cold, Giardiasis, Roundworm, Threadworm, Ring worm, S.T.D's e.t.c

Basic good habits to maintain health :                  

  • The food should be plain, nutritious, sufficient and yet not too much, impaired digestion is the source of many skin disease. 
  • A PROPER AMOUNT OF EXERCISE MUST BE TAKEN                                                                                                 
  • The clothing must be sufficient for comfort.
  • Don’t wear highly colored underwear, this may irritate the skin .
  • A warm bath should be taken once or twice a week – it’s open the pores of the skin, soften any excess of sebacious secrition that may have accumulated, and gets rid of it.
  • Morning cold bath- this act s stimulant. It causes an increased flow of arterial blood to the skin, and increase flow of arterial blood to the skin, and increase flow of venous bloodand lymph away from the skin.
  • Brush Your Teeth And Floss
  • Wash Your Hands Thoroughly
  • drink warm or purified water
  • keep your environment clean