Fear of examination is not exactly the fear in the true sense but it is something pro activeness in the minds of students to combat the challenges of examination.

Exam anxiety is a typical emotion. It affects a lot of students all through their academic careers. They experience restless nights and days racked with worry and fear just thinking about tests.

Students prepare for the examinations days and months in advance. The day of the examination is always awaited with a mixed feeling. There is a fear of facing a tough paper and there is also a sense of relief to know that once the papers are over, there can be enough time to play and enjoy.

Outside the exam hall students hold on to their books, notes and pencil boxes. They are seen pacing up and down the corridors trying to absorb as much as they can from their books up to the last minute. Some students read loudly while others prefer to sit silently in a corner and concentrate on their notes. Some students are seen discussing questions with classmates. Some faces show panic and fear, others show composure and confidence.


  • Fear of receiving low test results
  • Fear of disappointing parents’ and teachers’ expectations
  • Having little faith
  • Lack of expertise in some potentially challenging subjects
  • Inability to concentrate or remember information when learning
  • Making comparisons to other students,

 To Overcome Exam Fear, follow this steps

  • Create a schedule
  • Plan your studies
  • Initial Revision
  • Adequate Focus On Each Subject
  • Write Brief and Concise Notes
  • Sleeping well is essential
  • Use meditation
  • Remember To Take Breaks
  • Prevent comparisons
  • Eat wholesome foods


AETHUSA CYNAPIUM: The person needing Aethusa is afraid to forget what they know. Their mind goes blank during the exam, despite revising hard for it, and they have the incapacity to think. They may also feel restless.
This remedy particularly suits those who love animals.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM : Individuals needing Arg -N just dread exams and the anxiety can bring on diarrohea and trembling beforehand.  Any liquids drank seem to pass straight through them and there may be vomiting too.  They will appear hurried and fidgety and may crave sugary foods which aggravates them after eating.

GELSEMIUM: Individuals needing Gels will feel “paralyzed by fear” experiencing weakness, trembling, stuttering, intense weariness and mental dullness.  Their legs and arms may feel like lead and the heaviness is felt both physically and emotionally.  Where Arg – N is actively fearful, a person needing Gels will cease up both mentally and physically and the mind may well go blank.

LYCOPODIUM: A person needing Lycopodium while lacking self-confidence and courage may well be able to conceal his anxiety a little better. However the anxiety goes straight to his stomach causing digestive troubles, bloating and lots of wind!  When the time comes despite the nerves they usually do well once starting.

ANACARDIUM: Nervous exhaustion from over-study and loss of memory from fright or mortification. Fear of examinations with lack of confidence.