Exophoria is a condition of the eyes. When you have exophoria, there’s a problem with how your eyes coordinate their movements. It occurs when your eyes tend to drift outward or one eye drifts away from the other.

It’s most common in situations where one of your eyes is covered and doesn’t have the same visual stimulation as the other eye. It may also occur when looking at things that are close to your eyes, like when reading.


The primary symptom of exophoria is one eye turning outward when it’s covered or doesn’t have the same visual stimulation as the other eye.

Other symptoms of exophoria may include:

  • headaches
  • sore eyes
  • difficulty reading (especially in children)
  • low reading comprehension
  • dislike of reading
  • issues with concentration
  • double vision
  • difficulty with tasks that are done close in or near the eyes

These symptoms can also be signs of other vision conditions. Many of these types of eye or vision conditions are closely related and have very similar symptoms.


The underlying cause of exophoria isn’t clearly known. However, the primary issue of exophoria is a weakness in the eye muscles.

This muscle weakness causes difficulty in what is called eye-teaming, or the ability to get the eyes to work together. This generally happens in childhood.


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Few homoeopathic medicine can be thought of in the treatment of exophoria  are:

Belladonna, iodum, stramonium, etc.