It is a condition of suppurating hydrocele in which a collection of pus ocurs in the scrotum.

Collection of excessive pus fluid in the tunica vaginalis sac, : Infected hydrocele. Infection in a hydrocele is rare because of the tunica vaginalis sac which is relatively avascular. However, few cases may get infected resulting in pyocoele. These patients present with fever, chills and rigors.


  • Soft, cystic, fluctuant, transillumination usually negative
  • swelling confined to the scrotum
  • Fever
  • Pain
  • Bearing down sensation
  • Heaviness


Clinical examination

Usg of the scrotum

Transillumination test

Blood test as – cbc, tc ,dc, crp.etc


Few homoeopathic remedies are as followed:

ARS IOD - persistently irritating, corrosive discharges. The discharge irritates the membrane from which it flows and over which it flows. The discharge may be fetid, watery, and the mucous membrane is always red, angry, swollen; itches and burns

CAL SILI - deep, long acting medicine for complaints which come on slowly and reach their final development after long periods. Hydrogenoid constitution Patient is weak, emaciated, cold and chilly, but worse from being overheated

KALI SULPH-  Applicable to the later stages of inflammation. Yellow, mucous and serous discharges, profuse discharge slimy, yellowish-green. Orchitis

PULS-  seeks the open air; always feels better there Orchitis; pain from abdomen to testicles. Thick, yellow discharge Pain and tenesmus in urinating, worse lying on back.

SILICEA- Burning and soreness of genitals, with eruption on inner surface of thighs. Chronic gonorrhœa, with thick, fetid discharge. Elephantiasis of scrotum ,one of the best remedy for suppurating hydrocele.