Homoeopathic Desires and Aversions


desire is a strong wish to do or have something. strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. 
a tendency to extinguish a behavior or to avoid a thing or situation and especially a usually pleasurable one because it is or has been associated with a noxious stimulus.
A good homeopath will never prescribe a remedy only on the basis of the patients desires and aversions. But he will definitely take those in the totality if they are PQRS as the master of Homeopathy – Samuel Hahnemann said about the characteristic symptom.

Homoeopathic meicine for Desires and Aversions:

It is difficult to memorize all the foods and drinks desires / aversions of all remedies. there are some desires and aversions.


Acid drinks: Ammon mur, Ant crud, Borax, Calc carb, Plumbum

Acid fruits: Calc carb, Ars alb, Ignatia, Thuja

Almonds: Cubeba

Apples: Aloe, Ant tart

Biscuit: Plumbum

Buttered bread: Agar, Bell, Fer met, Ign, Mag carb

Wheat bread: Aurum met

Cakes: Plumbum

Coffee burned: Alumin

Cucumbers: Ant crud

Fried eggs: Natrum phos

Lime, slate pencils, chalk or clay: Alumin, Cicuta, Nit ac, Nux vom

Plums: Sul ac



Alcoholic drinks: Ignatia

Bananas: Elaps

Breakfast: Conium, Lyc

Chocolate: Osmium, Tarentula

Eggs: Ferrum met

Garlic: Sabadilla

Potatoes: Thuja

Tea: Carbolic acid

Cold water: Bell, Bry, Calad, Caust, Nux vom, Tab

Salt food: Carbo veg, Graph, Nat mur, Sel, Sil

Fruit: Baryta carb, Ign

Boiled food: Lyc, e.t.c