Dark Circles around or under eyes is an indication of ill-health. There are no clear-cut reasons why dark rings ranging from bluish to blackish colour appear around or under the eyes. There are, however, various factors that are linked to appearance of Dark Circles. The first factor is that this condition runs in families or is hereditary. The second common factor is sleep deprivation and fatigue. Stress too can lead to Dark Circles. Dark Circles also appear as a normal part of the ageing process. Other factors associated with Dark Circles include allergy, eczema with itching, scratching or rubbing of eyes, anemia, and in rare cases, it may point towards liver troubles. Homeopathy has a very effective treatment for Dark Circles. The natural Homeopathic remedies for dark circles are completely safe with no side effects and they work to eliminate the root cause of Dark Circles.


Dark circles under your eyes can happen for many reasons. One of the most common causes of dark circles is aging. As you age, the skin below your eyes begins to loosen and thin out so the blood vessels under your skin may become more visible. This can darken the appearance of your under eyes. Hollowed areas called tear troughs may develop as well. Tear troughs cause shadows that increase the appearance of puffy eyes.

Other causes of dark circles under your eyes may include:

  • Genetics: Studies have shown that dark circles under your eyes may run in families.
  • Dermatitis: Eczema and contact dermatitis can cause the blood vessels under your eyes to dilate and show through your skin.
  • Rubbing your eyes: Rubbing and scratching your eyes can cause your under eyes to swell and your blood vessels to break.
  • Lack of sleep: Poor sleeping habits cause the skin under your eyes to appear pale. Your blood vessels can easily show through your skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation: Too much exposure to the sun triggers your body to make more melanin. Melanin is the substance (pigment) that gives your skin its color.
  • Dehydration: The skin under your eyes can start to look dull when you don’t drink enough water.
  • Lifestyle factors: Other factors such as stress, excessive alcohol use and smoking can cause dark circles under your eyes.


Dark circles under your eyes can’t always be prevented. But there are some changes you can make that may help. These changes include:

  • Use sun protection: Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your face, especially around your eyes. And wear sunglasses.
  • Adjust your sleep schedule: Get to bed on time, and make sure to get at least seven hours of sleep each night.
  • Reduce your stress: Find healthy ways to manage your stress, such as scheduling time for self-care.
  • Cut down on drinking: Drinking too much alcohol can cause reduced circulation.
  • Quit smoking and using tobacco Smoking speeds up the aging process your skin goes through.


Homeopathic mode is of great help in treating Dark Circles. The treatment is possible with natural Homeopathic medicines without any external applications. The Homeopathic medicines are recommended after looking at every individual case and taking into account any associated factor linked with Dark Circles and the symptoms. Homeopathic treatment for dark circles can work wonders in treating Dark Circle cases, but the time it takes to do away with Dark Circles varies for each individual. It takes a longer time to treat Dark Circles in persons who have had these since long than those who have seen the emergence of Dark Circles not so long ago.

Phosphoric Acid: Best natural Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles due to fatigue 

Phosphoric Acid is the top Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles around or below eyes due to fatigue. The eyes are surrounded with bluish rings. The person needing Phosphoric Acid is very weak. If the weakness shows in both the physical and mental planes, Phosphoric Acid is the natural Homeopathic medicine. The face of such a person appears pale and the eyes are surrounded by bluish rings. The person also looks very tired and fatigued. Weakness arising out of sexual excesses is also included as a causative factor. A history of mental grief associated with Dark Circles often suggests the use of Homeopathic remedy Phosphoric Acid. The person shows a marked weariness and is exhausted either mentally or physically or both. The combination of two hallmark symptoms suggesting the use of Homeopathic remedy Phosphoric Acid is marked weakness and Dark Circles around eyes.

Ferrum Met: Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles linked to anemia

Ferrum Met is a natural Homeopathic remedy for a variety of conditions troubling a person with anemia. Anemia is referred to the lack of blood in the body. Consequent to lack of blood in body, the oxygenation in body tissue is decreased, leading to a number of symptoms and Dark Circles is one of them. The face appears pale in anemic conditions and the veins under the eyes stand dominantly with a bluish appearance. Ferrum Met is very beneficial Homeopathic remedy for anemic patients suffering from various disorders. The issue of Dark Circles around eyes is best solved with the use of Ferrum Met and this Homeopathic remedy can be safely used when Dark Circlesare linked to anemia. The face gives a pale appearance with prominent Dark Circles around the eyes. General weakness due to decreased blood is also noted in most persons requiring Ferrum Met.

Cina: Homeopathic medicine for Dark Circles in children

Cina is the most popular natural Homeopathic medicine because of its frequent use in a variety of troubles faced by children. Even for Dark Circles appearing in children, Cina is very beneficial. Cina is a wonderful Homeopathic remedy for children who have Dark Circles around their eyes. Majority of children needing this Homeopathic medicine show a marked irritability in their nature. They are very cross and obstinate. They desire various kinds of things and will not rest and let others rest till their demands are met. This marked irritability and obstinacy reaches the utmost levels along with the appearance of Dark Circles. Another complaint that can be present in children with dark rings is worm infestation. In children with worms, weakness and anemic condition are common. Such children remain weak in spite of having a good appetite. The food taken by them serves as meals for the worms, which do not allow the children to gain weight and make them weak. The weakness is also reflected in the face with its pale appearance and dark circles. Homeopathic medicine Cina should always be considered as a first line of treatment in cases of Dark Circles in children.

Natural Homeopathic remedies for Dark Circles around the eyes

For dealing with Dark Circles around the eyes, the best natural Homeopathic medicines are Berberis Vulgaris, Acetic Acid, Lycopodium and Natrum Carb. Berberis Vulgaris is of great help for treatment of blue rings around eyes when the cheeks are sunken and the face also gives a pale tint. The face appears sick. Acetic Acid is a good Homeopathic remedy when the face shows marks of weakness with a wax-like coating and eyes are surrounded with bluish circles. The eyes also appear sunken. Lycopodium is the ideal Homeopathic medicine if the face appears greyish yellow with bluish circles surrounding the eyes. Otherwise, Lycopodium is a commonly used remedy for gastric ailments. Natrum Carb is a good Homeopathic medicine when the eyes show swelling along with blue rings around eyes.

Homeopathic treatment for Dark Circles under the eyes

The natural Homeopathic medicines that treat Dark Circles below the eyes are Phosphorus, Ferrum Met and Sepia. Phosphorus is of great help to treat Dark Circles under the eyes with a pale face. The rings under eyes appear bluish with a sickly appearance of the face. Ferrum Met is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles under the eyes in persons who are suffering from anemia. Weakness also makes its appearance in persons needing Ferrum Met. Homeopathic medicine Sepia is usually prescribed for women who have dark rings under the eyes. Such women usually have some sort of history regarding irregularity in their menstrual cycle. They may also have black discoloration on cheeks and nose (Chloasma) in addition to Dark Circles below the eyes.

Homeopathic medicines for Dark Circles linked to anemia

Ferrum Met, China and Natrum Mur are the best natural Homeopathic remedies to treat Dark Circles in anemic patients. Ferrum Met is used in general when the face is pale with surrounding Dark Circles around the eyes. Homeopathic medicine China is used when dark rings around eyes have appeared due to anemia arising out of sudden blood loss. The blood loss may be from any part of body, either traumatic or due to some underlying tissue pathology in the body. Natrum Mur is the Homeopathic remedy when the face appears greasy and shiny with dominant dark rings around the eyes. The eyelids may also show swelling. Craving for salty things if noted should be considered a top rank symptom to select Natrum Mur over other remedies.

Homeopathic remedies for Dark Circles due to stress

Kali Phos is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles due to stress. The person needing Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos is constantly in a worried state and is under depression with appearance of Dark Circles. Kali Phos is the top Homeopathic medicine that acts as a proper supplement for persons who are exhausted and stressed with dark rings.