Brittle nails are one of the most common abnormal condition of nails. In this, the nails develop splits, cracks and break out easily.

onychoschizia includes splitting, brittle, soft or thin nails. Onychoschizia is more common in women. brittle nails can be divided into dry and brittle (too little moisture) and soft and brittle (often too much moisture).




  • Moisturize your hands every time after washing them.
  • Protect your hands and nails from harsh detergents, chemicals and soaps by wearing gloves while handling them.
  • Do not keep long nails to avoid injury.
  • Do not remove cuticles of your nails by picking or biting them. Cut your nails in the shape and direction in which they grow.


Antimonium crudum: Nails grow out of shape along with brittleness. There is painful sensation in the skin under nails with slow nail growth. Indicated when there is horny growth under the nails. Finger nails look-like crushed and grow in splits with horny spots. When firm growth is present under toe nails.

Arsenicum album: Indicated when there are hard, brittle and claw-like nails along with wasting of the muscles of finger ends. Underlying cause for this condition could be lack of proper nutrition to the fingers and nails. Suited to debilitated persons who are very anxious about their health with marked restlessness.

Flouricum acidum: This medicine is indicated for brittle nails which crumble and have an sensation of splinter under the nails.

Graphites: This is one of the best medicines for dry, brittle nails. Nails are crumble at the ends and looks as if deformed. There is pain and soreness in the nails with sensation as if ulcerated. It is also given when the nails cripple and become thickened. When toe nails cripple along with stiffness and contraction of toes.

Nitricum acidum: Brittle nails with a sensation as if nail has grown in the flesh without actually having an ingrowing toe nail. Especially for the persons having excessive sweating of palms, hands with cold, blue nails.

Senecio aureus: Suited to persons having brittle nails with dryness of cuticles as well. Acts wel in persons having dry skin in general.

Silicea terra: Especially for the affections of finger nails, when white spots are present on the nails. Ingrowing toe nails. Dry and cracked finger tips with crippled nails. Suited to persons who have unhealthy skin in general which suppurates easily.

Thuja occidentalis: This is indicated for soft, crippled and brittle nails. Ingrowing toe nails. This can be accompanied with dry skin and brown spots.