Pathology: -

Naked eye appearance: -

The uterus is enlarged; the shape is distorted by multiple nodular growth of varying sizes. Occasionally, there may be uniform enlargement of the uterus by a single fibroid. The feel is firm. Cut surface of the tumor is smooth and whitish. The cut section, in the absence of degenerative changes, shows features of whorled appearance and trabeculation. These are due to the intermingling of fibrous tissues with the muscle bundles.

The false capsule is formed by the compressed adjacent myometrium. They have more parallel arrangement and are pinkish in color in contrast to whitish appearance of the tumor. The capsule is separated from the growth by a thin loose areolar tissue. The blood vessels run through this plane to supply the tumor. It is through this plane that the tumor is shelled out during myomectomy operation. The periphery of the tumor is more vascular and have more growth potentiality. The center of the tumor is least vascular and likely to degenerate. It is due to contraction of the false capsule that makes the cut surface of the tumor to bulge out.

 Microscopic appearance: - The tumor consists of smooth muscles and fibrous connective tissues of varying proportion. Originally, it consists of only muscle element but later on, fibrous tissues intermingle with the muscle bundles. As such, the nomenclature of ‘fibroids’ although commonly used, is inappropriate and should better be called either ‘myomata’ or fibromyomata.


Calcarea carb: - One of the excellent remedy for heavy, frequent Fibroids, sometimes accompanied by vertigo. The troubles usually increase during a tiring and straining day.

Calcarea Flour: - One of the best Homoeopathic medicine for uterine troubles. It restores the elasticity of smooth muscles in the uterus.

Belladonna: - If the pain causes a cramping sensation in the whole Abdominal region then this medicine can be used.

Thlaspi bursa: - One of the top homeopathic medicine for uterine troubles with heavy menstruation. It is given in cases where the periods are prolonged, frequent, and very discomforting.

Sepia: - Reduces the bearing down sensation and protects against recurrent vaginal and urinary tract infections