Homoeopathic Antidote

 A substance, or a remedy, that counteracts the effect of a homeopathic remedy. High temperatures are thought to antidote remedies. Mint is said to be an antidote of Natrum muriaticum. Many feel that coffee antidotes homeopathic remedies. When a person is reacting incorrectly to a homeopathic remedy, an antidote may be given to neutralize the effects.

Antidoting refers to the blocking, or negation, or reversal of the positive action of a remedy. Over the past several years experience has shown  that antidoting is not as common as previously thought, and that many people can be exposed to potential antidotes with no weakening of the healing power of the remedy. However, it is wise to avoid the following substances, especially for the first few weeks of treatment, to be sure that your remedy is given full scope of action.

• Coffee: Regular, decaf, expresso, instant, all types. Interestingly, it is not the caffeine that antidotes, and it is okay to drink caffeinated tea, coke, or eat chocolate. Coffee flavoring in commercial products also is okay (very little real coffee), but Kahlua, Irish coffee may antidote.

• Camphor: Watch out for tiger balm, liniments, Vicks, Ben Gay, some chapsticks, most noxzema products. Cough lozenges often have camphor. Nail polish has camphor; it is okay to use as long as careful not to smear on skin.

• Mothballs: Avoid inhaling odor. Preferably use cedar chests, other alternatives.

• Drilling on teeth or bone: Please let me know if you are planning on having any dental work. It is usually preferable to delay homeopathic treatment until afterwards, as dental drilling and ultrasonic teeth cleaning may antidote your remedy. Sonicare toothbrushes, on the other hand, do not actually use ultrasound and don't antidote.

• Prescription drugs: Antibiotics may antidote, although not necessarily immediately. Steroids, especially systemic (for example prednisone taken by mouth), may antidote a remedy. If you are on antidepressants, blood pressure or heart medication, you may do better with frequent repetitions of a higher potency of your remedy.  Estrogen, birth control pills, thyroid supplementation also may slowly antidote, and may require more repetition of the remedy. Occasional use of over-the-counter drugs usually do not cause a problem, but never take another homeopathic remedy (such as Arnica by mouth) while on your constitutional, unless specifically directed.

• Electric blankets may antidote your remedy. Local warmers are not a probem, and it is fine to use one to warm up your bed and turn it off before getting in.

• Geothermal Baths: Full immersion for a length of time might antidote. Brief exposure, or sitting at poolside, poses no risk.

• Recreational Drugs: Cocaine, speed, LSD, and other 'hard drugs' are potent antidotes. Marijuana slows down the healing and may antidote. An occasional drink of alcohol won't interfere with the remedy, but a heavy intoxication will usually antidote.

• Acupuncture: May antidote if performed for a major problem, but used for a local injury usually okay. Acupressure, Shiatsu is okay.

• Other substances: Australian Tea Tree Oil is an antidote. Also avoid Swedish Bitters, Pau d'Arco tea, Sunrider and KM products, and over-the-counter Chinese herbs.

• Hot perms involving the hair dryer may cause antidoting.