Homeopathy treatment for Spinal Nerve Compression

In our body spinal cord has nerves that send signals or messages back and forth between brain and the rest of the body. Spinal cord compression occurs when a mass places pressure on the cord. A mass can include a tumor or bone fragment. Compression can develop anywhere along the spinal cord from the neck to the lower spine.

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The symptoms of spinal cord compression can vary. They depend on how severe the compression is and on what area of the spinal cord is compressed.

One of the most common symptoms is stiffness or pain in the back or the neck. Numbness or weakness in the legs, hands, and arms can also develop. A condition known as cauda equina syndrome can develop if the compression is in the lumbar area. The symptoms of this syndrome include:

  • severe pain and weakness in the legs
  • a loss of bowel and bladder control
  • severe numbness in the back of the legs and inner thighs

Spinal cord compression affects fine motor skills and coordination.


Spinal cord compression has many possible causes. The compression can come on suddenly in some cases. Compression can occur over time in other instances. The causes of spinal cord compression include the following:

  • Certain degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, can lead to spinal cord compression.
  • A ruptured disk may lead to spinal cord compression.
  • Injury to the spinal cord or the area around the cord can lead to swelling, which can cause compression.
  • Bleeding disorders coupled with chiropractic manipulation can result in large clots compressing the spinal cord.
  • Bone spurs can narrow the spinal canal, causing compression of the spinal cord.
  • Cancerous and noncancerous tumors can grow in the space near the spinal cord. The tumor can put pressure on the cord if this occurs, causing compression.


Anyone can have an injury or develop a condition that leads to spinal cord compression. A few factors may increase risk. Use of poor lifting techniques may increase risk of a neck or back injury, which can cause spinal cord compression. People who have osteoarthritis may also be at an increased risk for developing spinal cord compression.


Cimicifuga : Very useful medicine for spinal compression with stiffness & pain in neck

Nux vomica : Useful medicine for those person who have sedentary life, suffers with constipation, uses alcoho.There is burning in spine,very useful when person feel difficult in turning.

Lachnantes :Useful for nerve compression  with severe muscle spasm and numbness.

Calc.carb : Very useful in nerve compression when there is rigidity & stiffness in morning,very useful when patient is unable to turn and there is tendency to strain easily.

Rhus.tox :Useful for nerve compression when there is pain from false position<sitting, exertion> warmth application.e.t.c