Success Stories


A male child came in my clinic having pain in his abdomen.After taking his casehistory I came to know that there is sudden appearance of pain around his navel and it shift to his right lower abdomen.Child is very irritable and do not want to touch.He is also having nausea tendency with loss of appetite.Thirst was normal ,stool -having constipation.After going through his ultrasound i came to know that he is having ?Appendicitis

I started treatment with BELLADONA 30 following other medicine according to his symptoms and continued it for 8 month then I suggested them for ultrasound and observe that tenderness is absent but there is sludge in gallbladder .For that I prescribed another medicine which was continued for 6 month give patient permanent cure.Uploaded ImageUploaded ImageUploaded ImageUploaded ImageUploaded ImageUploaded Image