Homeopathy Treatment for Urethritis

A patient gives a history of pain, swelling, redness of the meatus and scalding during micturition. There is pus or muco-purulent discharge, usually in the morning. It is a case of URETHRITIS.

Urethritis can be of two types- specific urethritis caused by gonococci infection and non- specific urethritis caused by infections other than gonococci infections.

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Management and Treatment of Urethritis

Usually the symptoms appear 5-30days after intercourse. The urethral discharge may be scanty or copious, muco-purulent or purulent. There may be penile pain on passing urine , posterior urethritis or urethrocystitis. It cause haematuria and increased frequency of urination. Prostatitis and epididymitis may occur. Recurrent urethral discharge develops after coitus or after an alcoholic evening- this is a feature of chronic infection. A smear of the discharge should be examined to confirm the infection and subsequent treatment.

Cannabis sativa cause itching and inflammatory swelling of the prepuce, glans and penis with deep redness and phimosis. Dragging and itching in the testes, urine is turbid, white or reddish, as if mixed with blood and pus. Inflammation can be because of acute gonococcal infections; urethra is sensitive, patient has to walk with legs apart.

Cantharis vesicatoria has painful swelling of the genitals, semen, at times is bloody . burning in the urethra after sex. Strong desire and painful erection. Cutting, burning pains from kidney down the urethra. Strangury, can pass only a few drops.

Petroselinum is indicated for tingling and lancinating pains in the urethra. Frequent but fruitless desire to urinate. Intense bitting and pain deep in the urethra. Milky fluid and albuminous yellow discharge  from the urethra.

Mercurius solubilis is indicated when the glans penis and prepuce are swollen, and the testicles are swollen and hard. Frequent urging to urinate and burning after urination. Greenish discharge from the urethra. Often, profuse pollutions in the morning.

Medorrhinum is useful for urethritis with heaviness in the prostate. Prostate is painful and enlarged with frequent and painful urination. Gleet; whole urethra is sore and painful. Profuse urination with a craving for ice.

Thuja occidentalis has inflammation of the prepuce and glans. Swelling of the prepuce. Balanitis with warts on the prepuce. Offensive smelling genitals; sweet smelling sweat on the genitals.

Argentums nitricum patient passes urine unconsciously day and night. Urethra is inflamed and painful. Emission of few a drops after having finished urination. Divided stream. Early stage of gonorrhea, profuse discharge and terrible cutting pains. Erection fail when sex is attempted; impotence.