It is a condition in which blood is present in our urine. Sometimes blood is in the urine but is not easily seen and it is called “microscopic” hematuria since it can only be seen under a microscope.


  • Gross hematuria: When there is the presence of frank blood in the urine, it can be seen with the naked eye. This is called as gross Uploaded Imagehematuria.
  • Microscopic hematuria: This kind of hematuria is characterized by the presence of RBC (red blood cells) in the urine. But RBCs are seen only when the urine is examined under the microscope. The color of the urine does not change and the patient cannot see blood to the naked eye.
  • Smoking 
  • Gender
  • Workplace exposures to chemicals such as benzene or aromatic amines
  • Having a catheter in  urinary tract for long amounts of time


BERBERIS VULGARIS : Useful medicine for blood in urine as well as for renal complaints.Recommended medicine for blood in urine when it is accompanied by left sided kidney stones. Also given when along with blood, jelly-like sediments or thick mucus is present in urine.There is sharp pain in the left kidney that extends down through the ureter into the bladder and urethra.

LYCOPODIUM : Effective medicine for hematuria with renal calculus.Given when blood in urine accompanies right-sided renal stones.Given when person have right sided kidney pain along with hematuria.Useful for scanty urine which contains red sand and passes with a burning sensation. There is frequent urine at night.

CANTHERIS : Highly useful remedies for hematuria accompanied by a burning sensation during urination.There is cutting burning in the urethra with bloody urine which is present before, during and even after passing urine.There is constant desire to pass urine but it passes drop by drop.

APIS MEL : Useful medicine for blood in urine in cases where there is burning and stinging pain in the urethra. There is burning while passing the last drops of urine.Recommended for scanty, scalding and bloody urine.There is an inability to retain urine even for a moment when the urge appears.

NITRIC ACID : Useful medicine for blood in urine which is strong and highly offensive in nature.Given when along with blood, albumin may also pass in the urine.There is dark, bloody, scanty and foul urine.

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