Lumbar Spondylitis or spondylitis is a condition where there is an inflammation of lumbar (lower vertebral) spine, popularly called as Backache. The inflammation can be mild, moderate or severe leading to a range of severity of symptoms. There is not only inflammation of the vertebra but also some amount of fusing, which gives painful stiffness.


The symptoms of varying degree of pain associate with stiffness. There may be restricted mobility of the back, disturbing day to day life activities. There may also be deformity of the spine over the period of time.


Ankylosing Spondylitis is a similar condition which is more severe and considered to be an auto-immune disease, related with HLA-B-27 gene. The stiffness associated with muscle spasm leads to stiff-spine, often compared with a bamboo spine.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is also a similar condition but affects more of the multiple and often large joints such as knee, shoulder, fingers and back. Positive Rh factor is a diagnosing modality.


Homeopathy does offer significant treatment for this condition. The treatment is targeted at relieving the inflammation and stiffness, making the life comfortable. Also, the underlying process leading to such chronic inflammation is addressed using the homeopathic medicines.

RHUS TOX : Very very useful medicines for lumbar spondylosis with pain and stiffness in the lower back which is relief by movement and walking.Also recommended in cases of lumbar spondylosis following injury. Also useful medicines for lumbar spondylosis or lower back pain from overuse or lifting of heavy weights.

BRYONIA ALBA : Very helpful medicine for lumbar spondylosis where lower back pain worsens from the slightest movement.Given when walking or even turning in bed aggravate the lower back pain and absolute rest brings relief.There is stiffness in the lower back which gets worse on standing Uploaded Imageand sitting.

AESCULUS : Most helpful medicines for lumbar spondylosis in cases where rising from a sitting position worsens the pain.Given when the person in this condition needs to make several attempts before he can rise from his seat. There is weakness, lameness in the low back which is worsen the back pain.

PHOSPHORUS : Useful in cases where the pain is attended with burning sensation in the spine.There  is feeling as if it would break from pain.Also there is weakness feeling in the back.