BACILLINUM 200—Usefull for dry, harsh, sensitive skin. Intense itching , worse at night and in cool air. Bran –like scales.

ARSENICUM ALBUM 6—Usefull when itching , burning, and swelling are present. Worse from cold and scratching. There is great anxiety and restlessness. Thirst for small quantities of water at short intervals.

NATRUM MURIATICUM 30----Usefullfor Pityriasis alaba with dry raw and  skin , worse eating salt. There is a craving for salt is characteristic to Natrum muriaticum.

SULPHUR 200--- Sulphur is prescribed for Pityriasis alba with dry, scaly and unhealthy skin. Intolerable itching , especially at night, when the person gets warm in bed.  A heat sensation in the body. Sulphur patient have an aversion for bathing. The patient have marked craving for sweets.