APIS MEL : Useful for urticaria with red, inflamed, raised patches of skin.There is burning and stinging like a bee sting with tenderness. There is intolerable itching at night which is worse from the warmth of the bed,cold weather.

ARSENIC ALBUM : Useful for urticaria caused by eating shellfish which causes burning and itching with restlessness.Useful for  eruptions which are worse at night.

BELLADONA : Recommended to that person who has red,hot face, with red eruptions.There is eruptions which appear on the entire body with more on the inner side of limbs and less on the face. Given when itching aggravated in morning and evening and is better by scratching.

URTICA URENS : Useful for urticaria which is caused by shellfish, bee sting. There is lesions which are red with severe burning and itching.Useful for urticaria with seasonal changes and with annual Urticaria attacks.Given when symptoms aggravate by bathing.

RHUSTOX : Recommended for person on whom urticaria generally aggravated in cold, damp weather, or hives appear after getting wet or chilled.Also helpful for treating hives which can also appear when they have a fever.There is intense itching and rashes which are better by warmth and aggravated by cold.