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Turbinate hypertrophy

Homoeopathic treatment for Turbinate hypertrophy

Turbinate hypertrophy is a condition affecting the respiratory mucosa. The turbinates, also known as nasal conchae, is a part of the nasal fossa. They are six narrow, curled shelves of bone and connective tissue covered by a mucosa that protrude into the breathing passage of the nose. The turbinates ensure that the air passing through the nose is heated up and humidified. Sometimes they can become inflamed and increase in size. This is what happens when have turbinate hypertrophy.



Turbinate hypertrophy can cause the following symptoms:

  • A sensation of blocked, obstructed nose;
  • Trouble breathing;
  • Headache;
  • Secretion of mucus from the nose into throat;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Snoring;
  • Dry, tickly cough;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Impaired sense of smell;
  • Bad breath;
  • Itchy nose;
  • Sleep apnea;
  • Pain at the base of nose;
  • Sneezing;
  • Nosebleeds (epistaxis);
  • Nasal or metallic sounding voice (rhinolalia);
  • Hearing loss (hypacousia);
  • A muffled sensation in your ears


Some risk factors that may lead to turbinate hypertrophy are:

  • Seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis;
  • Non-allergic or vasomotor rhinitis;
  • A change in temperature or humidity;
  • Taking certain medications or being on hormone therapy;
  • Frequently recurring common cold;
  • Exposure to certain chemicals;
  • Smoking;
  • Emotional stress


To confirm a diagnosis of turbinates hypertrophy, you’ll need to go through your medical history with your doctor and do the following exams:

  • Rhinofibrolaryngoscopy;
  • Nasal cytology;
  • Rhinomanometry;
  • Allergy testing


Sanguinarinum Nitricum 

Sanguinarinum Nitricum is a leading homeopathic medicine for treating turbinate hypertrophy. It helps to reduce the enlargement of turbinates and manage its symptoms effectively. Persons needing it have complaints of nasal blockage with difficulty in breathing. They have to breathe through the mouth due to nasal blockage. This leads to dryness of the mouth in them. Sometimes they also feel pressure at the root of the nose with above symptoms. Sneezing and burning sensation in the nose are other symptoms felt by them. Apart from above, watery discharge from the nose appears sometimes.

Lemna Minor

Homeopathic medicine Lemna Minor is prepared from fresh plants named as duckweed. This plant belongs to family lemnaceae or pistiaceae. It is beneficial to reduce swelling and enlargement of nasal turbinates. It effectively manages nasal blockage in cases of turbinate hypertrophy. It also helps to relieve nasal discharge and excessive sneezing when present in turbinate hypertrophy cases. Apart from above, it is useful to manage complaints of foul smell from nose or loss of smell.

Kali Bichrome 

Homeopathic medicine Kali Bichrome is of great help in managing cases of turbinate hypertrophy in persons having a history of sinusitis. It is helpful when the nose is dry and feels stopped up all the time. Along with this loss of smell is complained. A pressure and pain is also felt at the root of the nose. Burning sensation and soreness is also there in the nose. Other symptoms that may attend above are frequent sneezing and tenderness in the nose.

Nux Vomica 

Nux Vomica is a wonderful homoeopathic medicine to manage snoring in cases of turbinate hypertrophy. With this nasal blockage especially at night time is marked. Sneezing and nasal discharge is also present in cases needing Nux Vomica. Soreness in nostrils and headache are some other symptoms. .

Natrum Mur 

Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is an excellent medicine for managing cases of turbinate hypertrophy in persons having runny nose. This tends to alternate with nasal blockage. With this they have intense sneezing. Sometimes they have loss of smell too. Pressure in the forehead and mild facial pain are the rest of the symptoms that they may have along with above symptoms. It is a wonderful homeopathic medicine to treat cases of turbinate hypertrophy in persons who have tendency to nasal allergies.


Phosphorus is a well-indicated homeopathic medicine to manage bleeding from the nose (epistaxis) in turbinate hypertrophy cases. Persons needing it have swelling of turbinate bones. They have nasal bleeding where blood is bright red. They may have nasal bleeding many times in a day which is usually profuse. They may also feel a bad smell in the nose. They also have stoppage and fullness sensation in the nose along with above symptoms.


Silicea is a significant homeopathic medicine to treat cases of turbinate hypertrophy when pressure in the forehead is prominent. Along with this stoppage and dryness of the nose is there. Sometimes stoppage of nose alternates with fluent nasal discharge. Loss of smell is also there. Along with these symptoms nasal bleeding may arise occasionally. Drawing pain in the root of the nose may also be felt.

Calcarea Carb 

Calcarea Carb is a well indicated medicine for treating turbinate hypertrophy with altered sense of smell. The persons needing it have either loss of smell or offensive odour in their nose. Along with this they have a stoppage of the nose with difficulty in breathing. Sometimes pain in the forehead is felt.


Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla is prepared from a plant named Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known by the name of wind flower or pasque flower. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is useful for turbinate hypertrophy in persons having a history of chronic cold mostly with thick yellow green discharge from the nose. It is helpful to manage loss of smell, pain or soreness in the nose. It also manages frontal headache and nasal blockage very well.

Ammonium Carb 

It is a very beneficial medicine to manage nasal blockage at night time. Persons needing it have to breathe through the mouth due to stoppage of nose. Other symptoms that they may have along with above includes bleeding from nose, nasal discharge of burning character and a continuous urge to sneeze. 

Arsenic Album

Nasal allergies is the main reason behind turbinate hypertrophy. This medicine helps to manage nasal allergy symptoms in these cases. Here, it firstly helps to manage nasal discharges with frequent sneezing. The nasal discharge is usually watery where it is needed. It can cause a burning smarting sensation in the nostrils. Next, it also helps to relieve nasal blockage. Cases having alternate stoppage of nose and fluent coryza are also well managed with this medicine,e.t.c