Coronary spasm causes prinzmetal angina and also contributes to coronary heart disease in general. Angina is the term used to describe chest pain caused by inadequate blood flow to the heart muscle, usually caused by coronary artery disease.

Prinzmetal angina affects both men and women. It’s also found in people who have other conditions that are related to blood vessel spasms, such as migraine, headaches and Raynaud’s phenomenon. Prinzmetal angina may also affect people who have high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure, but also affects people who don’t have these conditions.


  • Medications that are intended to constrict (or narrow) blood vessels, such as migraine treatments like sumatriptan or decongestants that contain ephedrine.
  • Use of drugs like marijuana and cocaine.
  • Smoking tobacco
  • Stress
  • Exposure to cold
  • Exercise


  • Chest pain or a feeling of discomfort while resting, usually between midnight and 8 a.m. The pain may move to your arm, head or shoulder.
  • Recurrent episodes of pain that last about five to 15 minutes per episode, possibly longer. The episodes tend to form a pattern.
  • Associated symptoms include sweating, nausea and/or dizziness.


CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS —Cactus grandiflorus is one of the top remedies for the treatment of Angina pectoris. There is pain as if the heart were gripped with an iron band. Heat feels clutched and released alternately by an iron band and constriction as from an iron band. Pain from the apex shooting down the left arm. The pulse is feeble , irregular, quick without strength. Another symptom is great palpitations, worse lying on left side.

DIGITALIS PURPUREA -Digitalis is best for Angina pectoris with a feeling as if heart would cease working, if he moves, must hold the breath and keep still. There is sudden sensation as if heart stood still. There is attacks of Angina worse rising arms. The least movement causes violent palpitations. The patient is anxious about the future.

SPIGELIA- Spigelia is effective for Angina , especially indicated in smokers and drunkards. There is pressure, oppression, darting , shooting and stabbing pains in the chest and down the left arm.There is violent sticking or compressive pains , radiating to throat , arms, scapula, worse least motion or bending double. Another marked symptom is, violent palpitations which is audible, faintness and dyspnoea.

NAJA TRIPUDIANS —Naja tripudians, a snake remedy should be tried in the absence of specific indications. There is dragging and anxiety in precordia. There is a feeling of weight on heart, and stitching pain in region of heart. Angina pains extends extending to nape of neck, left shoulder and arm with anxiety and fear of death. There is pain in forehead and temples along with heart symptoms.

LATRODECTUS MACTANS —Latrodectus mac. is a spider remedy and it is considered to be a specific remedy for angina pectoris? There is severe pain in the chest muscles, left shoulder, back and neck. The pain radiates from the chest to left arm and fingers. There is intense restlessness, depression and pain after the attack is over. Sometimes the pain may be extending to abdomen. The patient has great anxiety about the heart. Thinks he will suffocate, fear that he would lose breath and die.

AMYLENUM NITROSUM 3- Amyl nitrate is best for Angina with great anxiety. There is aching pain and constriction around the heart. Tumultuous action of the heart. Another symptoms is violent beating of the heart and carotids.

A cotton drenched in Amylenum nitrosum Q may be placed near the nostril of the patient for inhaling. It gives immediate relief after which the indicated remedy can be given.

ACONITUM NAPELLUS - Aconitum napellus is effective for sudden attack of Angina with acute pain in the region of the heart, left arm and left shoulder. Pain worse when sitting erect. It should be given immediately at the onset of the feeling of pain when there is a previous history of the disease in the patient. There is great fear, anxiety and restlessness. There is palpitation with anxiety. The pulse is full, hard, tense and bounding. Sometimes cough may present along with heart pains.

TERMINALIA ARJUNA Q - Terminalia arjuna is excellent for Angina pectoris with weakness and pain in heart. There is palpitation with pain, extend to left shoulder and left hand, worse from walking, after eating. Another symptom are vertigo and darkness before the eyes.

AMMONIUM CARB 30 - Ammonium carb is best for Angina pectoris where circulation becomes sluggish and under –oxygenation of blood produces. There is great weakness of heart with drowsiness. Danger of heart failure due to a prolonged illness.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM 30 - Argentum nitricum is prescribed when heart attack occurs after taking meals. Angina pain worse at night. There is palpitation with nausea, worse lying on right side.

ARSENIC ALBUM 30 - Arsenic alb is prescribed for Angina with great anxiety, restlessness and fear of death. Heart pain into neck and occiput with anxiety, difficult breathing, fainting spells. There is thirst for small quantities of water at short intervals. Irritable heart in smokers and tobacco chewers.


BRYONIA ALB Q - Bryonia alb is prescribed where stitching pain occurs in cardiac region and the pain persists and is worse by motion.

CIMCIFUGA RACEMOSA 30 - Cimcifuga is best for Angina where there is pain in the heart region and left arm. Heart action ceases suddenly and there is immediate suffocation.

GLONOINUM 30 - Glonoinum is prescribed where violent beating of the heart occurs as if it will burst open. There is strenuous breathing. Pain radiates in all directions, down the left arm with weakness.

STOPHANTHUS HISP. Q - Strophanthus is best for Angina due to weakness of heart.

VERATRUM ALB 30 - Vertrum alb is prescribed for Angina with collapse and extreme coldness, blueness and weakness of the body. Veratrum alb is an excellent heart stimulant.