The rain actually makes allergy symptoms worse for most people, instead of better, because the rain bursts the pollen particles prior to washing them away, putting higher concentrations of particles into the air. This is particularly troublesome for people with asthma, especially when you take into account that nearly 95 percent of people diagnosed with asthma also have seasonal allergies.

Moisture makes mold grow, both indoors and out. Dust mites also thrive in humid air. But if you're allergic to pollen, humid or damp days are good. The moisture weighs down the pollen, keeping it on the ground.

Weather can affect a number of health conditions, including asthma, allergies and even headaches.

Few conditions which are seen more in rainy seasons: Skin disorders, viral fever, respiratory problems and gastroenteritis are always on the rise during this weather.

Gastroenteritis - (diarrhea, vomiting, etc) are usually very high in wet weather as compared to other seasons.

Few homoeopathic medicines – podophyllum, aloe soco, dulcamara, anitum crud.

Fungal infections - on the skin are the most common of all and can be effectively treated with homeopathy -most common fungal infections during this time are athletes foot and ring worm, red itchy patches and white flaky skin.More common in hot and moist weather and is more frequently seen in people who keep their feet enclosed in shoes or socks most of the time.

Few homoeopathic medicines – Graphite, Sanicula, Tellurium, Sepia.

Asthamatic attacks -Changes in the temperature or humidity can be non-allergic triggers for asthma, too. These changes can cause congestion and irritation to the lower and upper respiratory tract, breathing problems tend to increase during this period. This is mainly due to an increase in moulds and fungi. This also leads to an increase in upper respiratory allergies.

Few homoeopathic medicines – Natrum sulph, Dulcamara, Ars alb, sabadilla, Calcarb.

Influenzas, or viral fever –  They are much more seen in the rainy season due to constant wet environment or too much rain water drenching. If you are someone with weak immunity or compromised immune system, you can easily contract cold followed by cough and fever. The reason why we easily get sick after getting wet in rain is because of the increased exposure to viruses and bacteria. This doubles the risk of other illnesses apart from cold. Rainy conditions or getting drenched in rain during winter season where the temperature is already at its lowest, rain causes your body temperature to drop further and sometimes, abruptly.

Few homoeopathic medicines - Rhus Tox, Veratrum Album, Arsenic Album