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Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis

Homeopathy Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD (OCN) is an anxiety disorder where the patient experiences intrusive irresistible thoughts (obsession) that produces anxiety, fear, uneasiness. Patient ends up doing repetitive behavior (compulsion). Patient may realize that their thoughts and actions are irrational and may become further distressed. It is also called Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis (OCN).

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It is fourth most common mental disorder. OCD may affect children, adolescent as well as adults. One in 60 adults all over world has OCD.

Causative factors

  • Hereditary - OCD in family. Genetic factors form major cause of OCD, which at times may not be clearly understood.
  • Environmental factors - Abuse, illness, death of loved ones, etc
  • Brain disease - Tissue changes in brain (temporal lobe lesions, low level of neurotransmitters) may cause OCD
  • Personality factors - Person with Obsessive traits or lack of confidence may suffer from it.

Symptoms of OCD

Obsession (thoughts) Fear of dirt or contamination by germs
Fear of dirt or contamination by germs Hand washing or bathing
Fear of thieves Checking latches
Need for order, symmetry or exactness Arranging and rearranging things
Fear of being embarrassed No interaction with society
Fear of thinking evil or sinful thoughts Continuous praying and preaching
Intrusive sexually explicit or violent thoughts and images Excessive sexual activities
Excessive focus on religious or moral ideas Praying and worshipping.

Diagnosis of OCD

Generally such patients are brought to the psychiatrist by relatives. It is diagnosed on the basis of symptoms. There are also some assessment tools to diagnose OCD. These tools include questions and the answers by patients are given rating scales concluding the severity of disease.

Homeopathic Medicine:

Ignatia Amara, Natrum Mur, Aurum Met, Sepia.