Homeopathy medicine for Tongue Disorder

The tongue is a vital, highly active, sensitive organ in our body   which is the beginning and the only visible part of the digestive tract. It is sometimes called the mirror of the stomach. It can prove to be a key-factor in determining many conditions and the overall health of the body.

The tongue is a flexible muscular organ of the mouth. It is meant for tasting, moisturising, licking, kissing, mastication of food, swallowing and, in humans, speech. Its muscles are attached to the lower jaw and to a bone above the larynx. Its rough texture is produced by tiny nodules or papillae which project from its upper surface. Sensory nerves or taste buds are situated at the sides and the base of the tongue and the motor nerve is distributed across the muscular substance.


  • Antim Crude- Indicated for thick milky white coating tongue
  • Antim Tart- Indicted for pasty thick white coated tongue with reddened papillae and red edges
  • Apis Mel- Indicated for fiery red, swollen,sore and raw tongue with vesicles as if varnished
  • Arum Met– Indicated for strawberry Tongue
  • Belladonna –Indicated for strawberry tongue
  • Baptisia-Indicated for white,dry tongue with red papillae and yellow brown in centre, later become dry, cracked, ulcerated
  • Bryonia- Indicated for dry,parched tongue which coated along centre with red at base
  • Cina-Indicated for clean tongue
  • Ipecac-Also indicated for clean tongue
  • Pyrogenum-Indicated for large, flabby, clean, smooth tongue as if varnished
  • Mercurius-Indicated for large, flabby, mapped tongue with imprint of teeth
  • Nux vom-Indicated for white, yellow, cracked edges with first half clean, posterior coated with deep fur
  • Nux moschata- Indicated for dry tongue that it adheres to the soft palate
  • Rhus tox-Indicated for dry, sore, red, cracked, triangular red top tongue takes imprint of teeth
  • Lac can- Indicated for white coated tongue with bright red edges
  • Natrum mur- Indicated for mapped tongue with red insular patches, like ringworm on sides
  • Chelidonium-Indicated for large flabby t ongue yellow with imprint of teeth, large flabby
  • Taraxacum-Indicated for mapped tongue covered with a white film, coated with raw patches
  • Nitric Acid-Indicated for clean, red tongue with central furrow and fissured in all directions
  • Fluoric acid-Indicated for fissured tongue in all directions
  • Veratrum viride-Indicated when there is red stripe which down the centre
  • Nat sulph-Indicated for dirty,greenish,gray or brown coating of the tongue
  • Kali mur-Indicated for Greyish white coating of tongue
  • Baptisia-Indicated for brownish coating of tongue