2. CT and MRI scans can also be used to diagnose a brain abscess.

3. Lumbar puncture, or spinal tap-This involves the removal of a small amount of cerebral spinal fluid to test for any problems other than an infection. A lumbar puncture will not be performed if any significant brain swelling is suspected, as it can temporarily worsen the pressure inside the head. This is to avoid the risk of brain hematoma, or a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.

Homeopathic Treatment of Brain Abscess

Belladonna: Useful for initiatory symptoms of abscess.Recommended when parts swell rapidly, become bright red with intense throbbing which is painful,pus develops speedily the swelling increases and the redness radiates.

Hepar Sulphur : Best homeopathic remedy for suppurations where the pus is not decomposed. It suits especially lymphatic, phlegmatic individuals.There is excessive sensitiveness of the parts is a leading indication.

Silicea: Most indicated where the suppuration continues and the wound refuses to heal, no matter where the suppurative process is located, There is thin, watery pus and the process is sluggish and indolent one..

Mercurius: Useful when pus has formed. It favors the formation of pus especially in the lower potencies, and is especially indicated in glandular abscesses.Useful for the pus which is greenish in tint, and quite thin and fluid.