There is a great scope of Homeopathy for treating anger issues. Homeopathic medicines work on a dynamic plane, going to the deeper levels of the brain to modify angry temperaments. They help balance the mood and negative thoughts that lead to anger. Homeopathic medicines used for treating anger are natural, safe and are not habit-forming. The appropriate medicine is selected after a detailed study of the case history and symptoms. Special emphasis is placed on the childhood history of the person to trace the root cause of the anger. 

Nux Vomica : Usefull  for anger for a persons who get offended easily and will become angry over non-issues. They are averse to conversation and could be offended by the most harmless words. They turn violent and abusive during anger episodes. There is strong will, fault finding nature, ambition and workaholism.Also useful for persons who develop an angry disposition after loss in business.

Staphysagria : Useful for anger, especially where the person has long suppressed anger and is now given to violent outbursts. There are periods of suppression, followed by periods of angry outbursts in persons.Also there is a history of mental/physical abuse, humiliation can usually be traced to persons who need Staphysagria.

Aurum Met : Useful for anger when ones get angry over the slightest contradiction. Such persons are sensitive to contradiction which leads to a sudden, explosive outburst from them. In addition to this, such persons may be melancholic in nature, suffer lack of self-worth and a very low self-esteem. Hopelessness and self reproaching behavior is also observed. 

Tarentula Hispanica : Useful for anger where there is a tendency to throw things when angry. Such persons tend to strike themselves or others in anger. Impatience, obstinacy and high levels of irritability are other traits to look out for in persons for whom Tarentula Hispanica will be the most suitable choice among Homeopathic medicines for anger. Such people may be impulse, lack emotional control and be excessively restless as well,e.t.c